Thursday, December 27, 2007

The best Invitation i have received !!!

Folks , please take your time to stop here and your are going to witness one of the best invitation that i have received. From that time ,am have been moved by this Invitation. So make sure you go through and prepare one for yourself when the times comes....

My close friend DK happened to sent us this invitation, We all knew this was coming but we never expected one such invitation :-)

Please read the invitation further ,

Subject : Sorry for the late Information : Invitation Attached

Hi All,

Some of you already know this and my apologies to the
others for not announcing it earlier; I wanted to keep
it low key until everything was planned and in place.
Hope you all understand!!!

Anyway, after much apprehension and hesitation, I am
tying the knot on Feb 2, 2008. Kindly keep
your calendars open because I would love to see you
there! Please understand I am the first guy from the class to do so.

I have attached the invitation which contains the

Do have a look at it. Will keep you posted on further

Wish me the best. See you there!

Follow the link below to find the invitation...
For a movie version please check out on the left side of the invitation.

To view the Invitation please
Click Here

Need your esteemed presence on this occassion..


Monday, December 24, 2007

Hello Folks!!! Interesting introductory mail.

An antonym to my previous blog, let me give you some idea on how to compose a introductory message to you team mates at your new office. I always believe that "first impression is the best impression" and there should not be any excuse sending a introductory mail to your team mates. The very thought of writing one such was because when i joined ALU i wanted to give a different introductory mail altogether and surprise people.

Anyways dont want to keep you people bored :).. Here are few good mail composition of introductory mails sent by people across various life styles..

Sub : Introductory message from X
Hello All,
This is Ramakrishnan Venkataramana Ramoorthy , quite a big name indeed!!! But i have excused you all from calling me as short as Ram.

I basically hail from a small town near trichy in tamilnadu . I had been working with X company for the past 3 years. It would be a great pleasure for me to work in this team and bring the best out of me.

Sub : Greetings !!!
Hello folks,
I am Ramkumar Shah, a new employee of Alcatel-Lucent and a new member of the systems team family. My roots and my native is Abu, a beautiful place in Rajasthan but have been a Bangalorean all my life.

I was associated with LG Soft India Pvt Ltd (the only organization I have worked for) before joining this organization. I have a work-ex of 3 years.
My hobbies are playing the electronic keyboard, acting in stage plays, reading mystery novels and as most guys, watching and playing cricket.:)
Looking forward for a memorable experience of working with you all and enjoying my tenure here.


Goodbye... For now!!!

Yes Goodbye.. For now!!! a typical phrase used by people who leave their current employer and plans to join a different company. So i have seen quite a few mails when people from my team who have left the company and joined elsewhere. So guess when your time comes to compose one such mail, please refer here and fill the comments column :)

This is a nice one , please read further ...
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving this project. I will be starting a new phase of my career next month.

I have enjoyed my tenure here and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you all. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement I have received during my time here. Even though I will miss the whole experience, I am looking forward to this new challenge and starting a new phase of my career.

Do keep in touch, my personal ID is: mail-id@

Wish you all the best!!!!

Thanks again for everything, I hope our paths cross again.
Yours truly,

Guess you people got an idea how to send one.

Another simple one , check this one out...

Hi All,

Tomorrow is my last day on this project.
I would like to thank each one of you for your support,encouragement and cooperation during my stay here.
It was a great learning experience for me.
(Special mention to someone also applicable..) Thanks a lot...! for all the support and help i got from you guys.

All the very best for all your personal and professional life.
Wish this Project a great success ahead!
Please keep in touch. Hope we happen to meet each other in future...!

My contact details are:
Personal E-mail:

Thanks & Regards

This is the best goodbye email that i have read and i have already planned for a copy-paste when one such occasion comes for me :-)

Dear friends,

This is a note which I knew I would have to write someday, although it
never crossed my mind when.

It seems like minutes rather than year when I first stepped into XXX Company,
a non-chemical background guy who wouldn’t know an acrylic from solvent.
I’ve laughed and cried and learnt with the best of you and over the year,
many of you have become like family to me. I have no doubt that today, when
I log out for the last time and leave my cubicle to explore new horizons,
it will be one of the longest and saddest walks in my life.

But explore the new horizons I must. It is a sad decision but I am in need
to fulfill my dreams.

Thank you for playing such a big part in my personal and professional
growth, and allow me to continue sharing your lives, just as you have done
so generously in the last one year and twenty nine days.

Please keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Another classic last day mail to all your office colleagues .. Check this link

Nice one

So i guess you all got an idea of a sample goodbye mail should look it.

Things to remember when you compose one are:

* Thank everyone for their support and cooperation . You can also mention someone if they had been really special.
* Specify your personal mail id and mobile number for future communication.
* Typical phrases are " Hoping that our ends meet again " , " Keep in touch & dont hesitate to mail back for any info"..

Please write in your suggestions of composing one such "Goodbye mail" to your team mates.

Friday, December 21, 2007

World's best fielders - A Preview

The biggest question that comes to my mind when you see Rhodes, Collingwood , AB De villers walk to the ground when they take their field is: How many runs is a fielder worth? WE might think Batsmen toil hard to get their runs and bowlers meanwhile stern themselves to get wickets, but not to forget about is the standard of fielding. How many times we have seen a match turn because of the fielding , a blinder of a catch , a long direct hit from the deep covers , a crucial throw to the correct end to get a batsmen run out.

To me fielders worth more the runs they save on the field and the crucial catches they take which turn the match on its head!!! So lets not talk more about fielding and its aspects. Lets directly go to the nominations for the worlds best fielders that we have seen so far.Rightly said by most commentators "Catches win Matches" , but they themselves haven't been the best of the fielders during their time. Lets start of with ground fielding .. Here goes the nominations ,

Obvious nomination Jonathan Neil "Jonty" Rhodes:

Whats makes him so special? To the cricketing world has never ever seen a better fields men than him. he is simply special because of this agility and anticipation that every ball will fly to him. He has provided the fans with a treat , some catching blinders on the field and some astounding runouts which has turned the match on its head. His presence could serve his team through his diving power, catching power and above all throwing capabilities which, for sure, save many runs for his team.he could have made a century worth runs with every 5 matches played on the fielding itself besides from the runs scored with the bat.

Watch the video of flying Jonty making the big Inzy run for his money:
Spectacular Runout video
Watch and enjoy :-)

Our next nomination is "Paul Collingwood":
Collingwood , current ODI captain of England, has produced some outstanding catches and stops. The batsmen would get awestruck with the presence of Paul on the field. Very quick on the field and as a "natural athlete", he is also regarded as one of the finest fielders of his time.He has turned on to become the best batsmen for the english side and very handy with his slow medium. So check out the following video and then look out for the reaction of Mathew Hayden , simply astonishing catch.

Finest Catches !!! Treat to your Eyes

Hayden couldn't believe his eyes for the catch , collingwood stretching one hand 12 feet from the ground one handed catch.

More good fielders to come ... But enjoy the videos and hope we indians also produce one such Rhodes in future.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kumar Paravatha Trek - A trek to eternity

Better get prepared before you start reading this one. Well , It was indeed a trip to eternity. The nature descended down on us like never before. I was at the right place away from jungle - "Bengaloruu".

How did it all happen ??
People were floating mails on various trekking spots and how to conquer each one of them. Then sprang subbu's mail "Interested for KP trek on Dec 1st & 2nd …J
I want to make to the top this year J anyone game for it :-) " ... I really didn't know it was going to be a big game but just the thought made me interested into going for the trek. And then all the planning was done and everyone was sure we would make it to the peak. We floated almost approx 100 mails to get the things done. Bus tickets , Food , Water , medical stuff etc etc..

The Game Begins:
For every game to be won , we need to do pre match analysis and all the funky stuff to get it going. And here ,we too didnt miss this one. Infact lots of research was put in on how to get there? number of kilometers to cover in a hour? 7 lotta of others stuffs to. But The execution has to be near to perfect to get that done.

Bus journey from bangalore:
A usual friday evening in bangalore, lots of vehcile on the road , traffic that has crossed its limits. Myself and Manan took a richsaw towards Jaya nagar to get the tent and the sleeping bags and we were off to kempe gouda bus stand. Whatever that followed was just inevitable , so please read on.

We started our Trek with expectations - just reaching the Peak

Joined for some quick Team Photo
(… Little did anyone imagine that there will a split in the “Team” – Sharks & Rockers, during the journey )

As is the Indian Cricket Team culture, we huddled together for a quick “Planning” ..

.. And some final Adjustments in the packing ..
We started our trek with bright faces ..

Sitting down on every visible rocks in the name of Photo Shoot …. (Everyone obliging, putting the blame squarely on Subbu)

And Relaxing……… oops read it as Photo-shoot on some benches too.

We got our first view of the Peak & mountains…
Getting many of team members into a high.

Noticing the board “Don't tease animals”….almost everyone in the team was left wondering if there would be boards mentioning, “please don't tease shark/rockers team members”… Pun intended :-)

Though the peak was visible & many were excited…., it really dawned on us that we were delayed in reaching spot by few hours and our energy fast fading out. With the reality drowning upon us, we decided to end our journey toward the peak considering everyones’ endurance level. Team members deciding against splitting up the team & instead spend time together.

Though we failed in the “test of Endurance”, we passed with flying colors in the “test of Team spirit”.

We ended up setting up tents near the mantap, and please find our spirits when you visit the place.

Finally our humble dwelling was ready to be occupied ….
Little did anyone imagine that this will save Good night sleep for many, and for few other brave souls, some more adventure, which went well past midnight.

(Psst….. For few other Discovery channel fans, they felt as if they were below the base camp & the snowstorm hitting their tents at some 400 mph).
Sunset happened so quickly that many were so stuck with its beauty and busy capturing the moment in their mind & soul, that they forget that camera’s was meant for that purpose….. to capture it & look at it and enjoy all those missed moments, when instead you could have enjoyed it at that time.

Night time bought out the real heroes …. (their wives must be really lucky), who braved the fire & chill to provide others the food…

Even at that stage, the most surprise pick of our trekking party, Harsha was left pondering of the missed opportunities. Most importantly he seemed to have realized late his potential. Seeing him in the camp, it should not be a surprise to the team if he starts trekking as his hobby.

Sorry buddy for spoiling the show :)

.. and as usual Manan to his self is not too much bothered with it, he his busy enjoying his culinary skill.

Dawn showcased to us mortal people, how heaven looks like ..

And the reality of how many others has reached it ….

With heavy heart & Empty stomach, we started descend to reach the base & bring alive our taste buds…

(…. Thank Subbu/Mahesh/Harish, for not taking a snap of us eating those breadcrumbs !!!, or else many would be left searching their dictionary for a better explanation than gentlemen)
As is our style, we posed for few more pics to showcase & impress our friends back home – with the background & also sweat in our brows.
Battru is God send to us mortal souls, who venture into such tough trekking place to test their endurance… Below photo showcases what I mean...

Reaching base.. & more Photos

Though we did not reach the peak…… everyone’s thought was filled with these pictures…..

We departed with heavy heart & a smile on our faces,
… With the Joy of enjoying every moment of trek,
… With the maturity level of knowing our physical & mental limits,
(psst…… With the more maturity level of knowing that Subbu should not be given incharge of handling Bus tickets :)
… With the knowledge that it's the Journey & not just destination, which can give you happiness.. So enjoy every moment of you life

.. And With definitely the same thought “ VISIT AGAIN”.

Signing Off with the group photo….

Standing (left- right) Subbu, Arun, Srihari, Dheena , Harsha , Mahesh
Sitting (left - right) Abhinethra , Sumil , Manan , Gopal

~ Regards Subbu/Srihari.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

How does a Human calculator do this ?

An Amazing article about a mathematician .
Alexis Lemaire has broken the record for finding the 13th root of a 200-digit number. It's an incredibly hard calculation so how does the "human calculator" do it?

Fancy yourself as a bit of mental arithmetics buff, one of those who relishes totting up the bill after a restaurant meal for 12, one of those who looks down their nose at calculator users?

Well try this for size.

The task is to find the 13th root of 85,877,066,894,718,045,

The answer's 2396232838850303. Multiply that by itself 13 times and you get the above. Even with a calculator you wouldn't beat Alexis Lemaire doing the calculation in his head.

Alexis Lemaire breaks the record in Oxford
On your marks... Lemaire prepares to break the record at Oxford
Last week, at Oxford's Museum of the History of Science Lemaire broke his own record for the task, taking it down to 77.99 seconds. Mental athlete he may be, but he speaks of his hard work in much the same fashion as any other kind of athlete.

"It is quite difficult. I did a lot of preparation for this. More than four years of work and a lot of training every day. A lot of memorising. I need three things - calculating, memorising and the third on mathematical skills. It is a lot of work and maybe a natural gift."

There is a long-standing fascination with those who can accomplish astounding feats of mental agility. The "ordinary" human wants to know how, but sadly the geniuses and the savants can only offer fragments of insight into how they function, and the scientists who have studied them rarely offer a definitive answer.

Researchers have tried to link problems with the brain either through trauma or malformation to extraordinary mental abilities - one of the theories being that damage to one area prompts compensation in another. Brain scientist Dr Allan Snyder has suggested that everyone may possess such abilities but be unable to access them.

Transforming numbers

Kim Peek, the inspiration for Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie Rain Man, has a malformed brain and a below average IQ and yet is able to rapidly read books, memorising vast swaths of information.

I have these associations between places and numbers - some places are imaginary, I try to vary so I don't confuse the numbers
Alexis Lemaire
Lemaire explains that what he does is about transforming raw numbers into other structures so he can "see" the answer to the problem.

"When I think of numbers sometimes I see a movie, sometimes sentences. I can translate the numbers into words. This is very important for me. The art is to convert memory chunks into some kind of structure.

"I see images, phrases, actions. It's very tactile, sensitive. I have these associations between places and numbers. Some places are imaginary, I try to vary so I don't confuse the numbers. It's important to memorise. I have to be precise."

Lemaire's explanation is similar to that of British savant Daniel Tammet. Tammet set the world record for reciting pi at more than 22,000 digits at the museum in 2004.

To him, each number has a distinct colour and appearance, some beautiful, some not, with each complex calculation making up a landscape.

Icelandic in a week

But his skills also stretch to words, with Tammet having reportedly learned Icelandic in a week after a challenge.

It's safe to assume that Lemaire's brain processes don't involve the words "carry one". But there is an explanation for some of what he does. The memorisation he talks about is a series of algorithms, such as a set to tackle the first five digits of the 200-digit number.

He has refined these processes to mind-boggling lengths. For the much simpler calculation the 13th root of a 100-digit number, the first record was set at 23 minutes in 1970. Now Lemaire can manage the calculation in under four seconds.

And whatever the mental processes that lead him to the answer, the fact that he can do this in seconds and without pen or paper remains awesome to the "ordinary" brain.

Can you beat this geek ??? try hard :-)

Courtesy : cnn-news

Monday, November 19, 2007

The ugly face of Politics has popped up again !!!

Politics - Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions. Although the term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, politics is observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. So this is the definition given in the wiki.

I seriously follow the indian politics and its happenings. Nothing suprises me when a party stab another party (either in opposition or coalition)in their back. So once again the ugly face of politics has popped up again. This is what we witnessed in Karnataka.

Once again, it is Janata Dal-Secular chief who is being blamed, with CM dubbing it the worst betrayal in his life. The week long power at Vidhan Soudha didnt last long and one of the excuses quoted by JDS was BJP not signing the MOU. This was just an excuse and the original reason being pressure from his family members.

The family politics once again comes in to picture similar to those of the Gandhi family , karunadhi family and their heirs.Lets hope for a better government comes into power. The sources now pointing out that the JDS will join hands with Congress and form a coalition government at Vidhan Soudha , which will now gives chance to the other son of JDS chief to head the state, sounds that each one needs to enjoy at the center.

So this is called "Opportunistic Politics" and iam not sure whether to feel sorry for BJP also , because thats how politics shows its ugly face.

Anyways thanks for reading my thoughts, I guess now you have better things to do than following "Indian Politics" :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will the super Jumbo make a good captain ?

Its been a long time waiting for Anil Kumble to don the test side. Its better late than never!!! Everyone was taken by surprise when the selectors announced Anil as the captain for crucial test series against Pakistan. He is still going strong @ the age of 37 , and the selectors didn't have another choice after Tendulkar turned down the captaincy offer and they thought Dhoni was too in experienced to be the test captain.

But this has come @ a time when the team is molding well under the captaincy of a young ,determined Dhoni.But the selectors had other thoughts in their mind and finally landed on kumble. Maybe they could have thought about Ganguly or Laxman who by his class is underestimated player for India.My first question is , Will this be a stop-gap arrangement as test captain Or Kumble will be preferred for a long run ??

Kumble as a leg spin bowler is strong , determined and fierce. He is always out there to get wickets and any captain in the last 2 decades wouldn't have got a better spinner than Kumble to have played in their team. He has plenty of aggression on the field which was displayed when he bowled with a broken jaw against the Indies.

But my big question is Will he make a good test captain ???
He might not become the best test captain ever to captain India, but he can surely prove a point across to all his supporters that he can don the big job of captaining the Indian cricket team with sheer aggression and commitment to the sport.
Hail the Jumbo !!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Diwali Dhamaka !!!

Diwali - The festival of lights , was a great occasion celebrating @ coimbatore. When am @ home it gives me a feeling of joy and excitement. To the excitement came all sorts of sweets and dishes.

This is one occasion where we old friends of mine (Schoolmates) meet up and have some fun. I was always passionate to watch movie on a big occasion like Diwali and i didn't miss the boat. I was lucky enough to watch 2 decent movies Vel & Kanamoochi Enada. So Diwali was a fun filled holidays for me back @Coimbatore.

To summarize briefly my Diwali was meeting friends , Sweets , Some good movies and Ind - Pakistan Cricket Series :-) & will be travelling back to bangalore where all the good stories end :-).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Are you experiencing the Height of Boredom ?

Guess What ?? You sometimes feel that you don't have any work to do and everything seems to be ordinary , which means you are going through one of those boring days :-)

I find myself happily njoying through these links ..

Boring days ahead ?? click here

Some of really turn me on and keeps me working hard :-)

Is it the EOR for Dravid in ODI's ?

So we have come to a breaking point before the start of the Pakistan Series , the Selectors are going tough with the current form of Ex-Captain , Rahul Dravid. The Chairman of Selectors , Dilip Vengsarkar said in a statement that "Dravid was rested". This is a very dangerous word in Indian Cricket. We have seen this happening to all the players previously who have been left out.

So does this auger well for the Indian Cricket or Is this an end of road for Dravid in ODI's ? I am not sure which is a better question here , anyways without dravid the middle seems to be working fine. He collected a meagre 70 odd runs in the 6 ODI's played against Australia. With this stating as concern , Dravid was dropped with the statement that he was rested and needs a break after the tough series in England.

The Wall of Indian Cricket has once again collapsed to the pressure thrown up by the youngsters in the rungs of ghambir , Uthappa , Dhoni himself after leading the Indian side to WC win in T20. The Selectors are playing it hard on the seniors and statement "The place in the Indian team should not be taken for granted", this sounds some bells alarming for the senior players in the team.

The Calm, Cool personality and the experience of Dravid will be missed for the first 2 one dayers, which the Indian selectors seems to have forgotten. Take a look at his profile through the years!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Why we are they way we are ??? - Book Review

"The games the Indians play" by Ragunathan is one of those book i would like to keep it in my book shelf for a long time from now. It typically symbolizes the Indianness of the Indians.

Key questions asked by the author that really gave light to my attitude being an Indian, Why are we a nation that is individually so smart and collectively so na├»ve? Why do we mistake talk for action? Why is our self-worth massaged only if we have the 'authority' to break rules? Why are we among the world's Why do we dump our garbage at he neighbour's doorstep…Can it be our climate, population density, poverty, colonial past or even genetic encoding?Why are we among the world’s most corrupt? Why do we jump red lights? Do we have proper answers to these questions , the answer is "NO". We either blame others for this or we blame the system :)

It all about the attitude of the Indians and Raghunathan carefully applies various strategies and neatly describes the iterations of dilemma. Just follow all the strategies , game theory to analyze the life style of the Indians and make sure it make sense to you as well.

Read the book and you will surely realise that as an Indian you have committed so many horrendous crimes. We can make our country a much much better place to live in. We the future generation of India will take very initiative and will leave no stone unturn to make this country a heaven on earth.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So you want to run a Marathon ?

Marathon ?? What ?? Ok, Marathon is a long-distance running event of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles 385 yards) that can be run either as a road race or off-road (for example, on mountain trails).

I got inspired from this story ,please follow link here

Phew !!! Its indeed Inspiring ,wasn't it ??? So people run Marathons not for the sake of winning (Kenyans are an exception!!!). So you can run marathons for a cause and please get in contact with the best of the NGO's.

So do you want to run a Marathon ??? , keep the following things in mind.

1. Know what you are in for

2. Get the right gear

3. Eat right

4. Training is a must

5. Sign up for the race.

ok fair enough , but how does it benefit me ??

* Increased energy
* Improved health
* A sense of accomplishment
* Increased discipline
* Quality time outdoors
* A chance to show off to the opposite sex that you can do it
* Of course, great-looking legs (Never underestimate the power of lean, muscular legs.)

Get Inspired!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did You Know ??? Better Read this!

Facts are fascinating , they are incontrovertible truth. So just go ahead , update your ever idle information registry. Here goes the facts ,

1. The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo. I feel sorry for the elephant :-(

2. The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb. So husbands better be aware of using the phrase again.

3. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. Sounds Weird , but it is a fact :-)

4. You can't lick your top side of the nose.. Try this !!!

5. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. Do measure it daily !!!

6. The record for the most Olympic medals ever won is held by Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina. Competing in three Olympics, between 1956 and 1964, she won 18 medals. She must be having a huge gallery.

7. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. Are you intellengent check out ???

8. The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. try twisting your tongue now :-)

9. In France, a five year old child can buy an alcoholic drink in bar, Good for him .

10. It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open? Next time you feel a sneeze coming try it!

The last one and interesting fact is , 90% of the people reading this page would have or are trying to do the fact #4 ..

:-) Have fun.. Enjoy the day..

Dilbert Comic Strip , Laugh out Loud :-)

Here is a Dilbert Comic strip , laugh out loud and enjoy the day:-)

Dilbert keeps me going when iam experiencing the height of boredom .

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sports Unlimited !!!

For all the sports lovers , here it goes .. have you witnessed a weekend like this ever before ?? The Answer is a big "NO".. So guys who have not updated themselves with sports over the weekend , here is a weekly report. I have listed based on my best action that took place over the weekend in the world over.

1 . Guess ???? Its the MerseySide Derby win for Liverpool against it rivals Everton at Goodison Park . Boy oh boy !!! Kuyt is my man as he scores twice for the visitors and LFC wins a wild won scoring a late penalty in the dying minutes of the match(extra time goal). Could it get bigger than this ??? This is slated as the best ever Merseyside derby match played between the two teams. And iam eagerly waiting to figure out what might happen in the return leg. To know more about merseyside derby click here

2. So we move from Football over to Cricket , India scripts a easy win in one off T20 match against the Aussies @ Mumbai. It was pleasure to watch the Indians outplay aussies as the youngsters were firing on all cylinders . Dhoni in the press conference said " The way we went to win th T20 World Cup was not a fluke" and this would have silenced the critics.

3. Me move on the fastest sport in the world, Kimi wins Championship for the first time against all odds. Eventhough i couldnt watch the race late yesterday ( i was travelling back ), but i believe those who have witnessed the event would be jumping up and down with excitement. Thanks to Vijesh for giving me an update. I feel sorry for Alonso the defending champion and even more sad for Lewis Hamiltn , slated to win his first F1 Crown as a rookie. But Kimi also started as my favorite ,won the three way title race @ Interlagos, Brazil.

4. And odd one but it was another big event on the other side of the globe. South Africa wins World Cup Rugby @ Paris , France infront of a record 1 lakh crowd. They beat the defending champions England 15-6. Maybe people who are not well updated this a good piece of information.

And guess i have completed my list for the weekend review on sports. What a weekend it was for sports ,they call it "Sports Unlimited". Could you ask for more ???? The Answer is Yes..

Folks wait before closing of the window , Guess whats next ???

Its the ATP Masters @ Madrid , astonishingly the 2002 Wimbledon finalist , David Nalbandian won the ATP Masters handing a shock defeat to World No 1 Fedx !!! Could you believe it ???? Its better to :-) And he won the horse race after a great battle winning 1-6 , 6-3 , 6-3.

So folks hope you enjoyed my section today.. Lots more sports to come , so better be prepared.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Google goes Mobile!!!

Another interesting application form the web stalwarts "Google SMS" . So Google SMS is a service that enables you to search for certain kinds of information with Google from a mobile phone, and returns your search results as text messages. With Google SMS, you can get local business listings, movie showtimes, weather, facts, dictionary definitions, and more. Please visit the Google SMS homepage to see sample queries and the types of results you might get.

I have found this interesting and its handy in situation where u need to get information from nowhere.

So to know details send SMS to 54664.

For more info check the following link

Friday, September 21, 2007

YACB - 'Yet Another Cricketing Blog"

As the title suggest YACB to keep all the cricketing lovers en thrilled. As always its for those readers who have always been reading my blogs on cricket and keep posting comments , and dont miss another chance now!!!

So lets kick of - Interesting subject for cricket lovers to ponder about , I know you people would have already guessed it " Best Bowling Actions the World has ever produced" . I think the directors have already picked of their choices in their bags and lets start of the postmortem now .

Let make this more simpler and fresh , i really don't have much idea of bowler of the '60s .We will ponder on the bowlers in the last 3 decades who have produced something special and spectacular.

Classification make work simple , so lets start about classifying the types of bowlers . So here are the nominations , go ahead .

Nominees for The best Bowling Action:

1) Micheal Holding -

Tall , elegant and the quickest bowler the batsmen feared of. Nick name "Whispering Death" has a very quite approach to the crease . The bowler from the islander slated @ 6'4 , Micheal Holding is our first nominee for the Worlds best Bowling Action.

2) Andy Caddick -

Our next nominee in the category for "Best Bowling action " is Andy Caddick. The ease with which this bowler runs to the crease is as swift as a scarlet ferrari on the tracks. The bowler as tall as 6'5 is our second of the nominations.

3)Allan Donald : The Lanky South African , often called as the " White Lighting", seems to be fearsome among the fast bowlers , scowling and aggressive, with a horizontal white line of sunscreen across his cheeks and nose. The now bowling coach of English Cricket Team is our 3rd nominee for the best bowling action in the World.

4)Darren Gough : One of my fav nominees to win this award. The action cant get any bigger than this . Gough is a right arm fast medium bowler and broad in beam, he achieves his pace from a good approach to the wicket and a beautiful, leaping sideways-on action, achieving what is often described as "skiddy" fast bowling.

That ends my list of nominees for World's best bowling Action . Thanks for stopping at my blog and it keeps my blogs rolling .. Post in your comments .

Will keep everyone updating , my next one is on the same lines ..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doi'ng is the ONLY way of getting things done

An inspiring message , please "DO it now or never " ..

Click here

Thursday, August 16, 2007

India completes its Shasti-Abtha-poorthi

Normally we talk about our parents reaching their 60th birth anniversary and we perform rituals called the Shasti-Abtha-poorthi which actually means celebrating the 61st birthday termed a very auspicious occasion.. Now it time for India to perform the rituals .. India from the day it had got its independence has been living in a world of secularist democracy , with multi lingual , multi caste and under the rule of bureaucracy's .. She has gone through a glorious transformation from the day where the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru gave the famous "tryst with destiny" and the day when current PM assures the country to enrich people with knowledge , to bring in the concept of "aam admi" , to extricate corruption and extremism in the form of terrorism ..

India has turned 60 and has got a senior citizen status where other countries will look forward to india on providing resources and knowledge power.. India has moved up the ladder in the past decade or 2 to see her competing alongside China in the global economy. India @60 has seen the tranformation from colonial rule into a modern, industrialising, knowledge-based economy within the framework of a liberal and secular democracy. "In the past 60 years, people moved to where work was available; in the next 60 years, work must move to where people live."

SO guys/ gals just give few points on "Why you love being in India" also on the contrary give "Why you hate being in India" .. "Or reforms needs to be done from Now ??"

Friday, August 10, 2007

1 DAY TO GO !!!!!

Ohh ahhh , Wat a goal , hits the Cross bar , watta save from the goalkeeper , and finally with all the excitement to the '07 Season , Red Devils walks away with the premier league .... Its has seen the likes of Ronaldo , Essien , Cesc fabgregas coming up the ladder and giving great performances for their club teams ...

But wazz the suprise this time around ?? The Red Devils have gone all guns blazzing for the pre season talks and transfers .. Sir Alex ferguson is leading them to record 21st season and the confidence within the team has soared to great heights in chase of their title defence .. They have gone for their piece of cake with the transfers of Owen Hargrevas from Bayern Munich along with the Tevez seems to have filled a few holes in the team.. The Red Devils played an outright game from start of the season with a few hiccups here and there... The likes of Ronaldo (who in standards seems to get the player of the year in sometime from now) , vidic , Carrick , Fletcher with the help of old horses like Scholes, Giggs , Ferdinand earned them a title..

I have chosen my pick for this season and its "The Reds" (Liverpool ) who will come out strong from the rest of the pack.. Wat makes them special ??? Everyone reading this might be laughing for sometime , but i believe they would prove you otherwise.. Is that about to change? Even from 12,000 miles away, I can sense a huge wave of optimism around Anfield. The summer signings, the unveiling of the dramatic stadium and the statements of various players in the media and through this website have all encouraged a belief among fans like me of great things to come this season ..

Thumbs Up Rafa:

They have made the best signings for this season , Fernando Torres , benayoun ,Andriy Voronin all seem to great prospects for "The Reds" winning this season ..

They have got the most influential players in the league , Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher , Steven Gerrard (forget the MBE, he's Sir Steven in my house) in my dictionary ..

The important priority is to get off to a good start and when the transfer window opens again , rafa will do the talking..

Rafa like always be the best tatician when gambling with players and playing against big teams...

Thumbs Down:

They have always for the past seasons started like a snail, lagging the title contenders .. Gerrard in his famous interview says "you may not win the title in the first few games but you can lose it then, and that's certainly what Liverpool have done in recent seasons"..

"You Will Never Walk Alone" - Liverpool

So Guys whomever you support , the best of football is rite here .. Just a day away for kick off.. Iam almost sunk in the pre match reviews and predictions which keep me even more engrossed than before .. I will be glued to my sets every other weekends hoping for the best in this season..

Let the Ohh !! Ahh start again !!! and the '08 champions are ???

Choose your team :

Play Fantasy League

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Catching 'em YOUNG

I was going through the rediff sports column and suddenly found an interesting article. Man United signs a 9 year old boy.. I have always been following the premier league for quite some time and news such as this one springs up as a big suprise ..

Just find the above link and check out how good he is for yourself.. He is named as a whiz kid and Manchester United have signed this gifted nine-year-old after his grandfather sent the Premier League champions a DVD showcasing the boy's talents which has become a YouTube sensation.

This young talent has a combination of pace and skills to tackle with great control over the ball.. Catching 'em young is the current saga of english football teams. Comparing them with greats doesnt fit into the scheme of things here and its never helped anyone to improve.. These guys are gifted with talent and he needs to be groomed properly to play at the big stage ..

So guys just sit back and watch the kid's prowess in dribbling and passing against an u-10 team ...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Aussie have conquered the Essence of Cricket

I was the bewildered by the way aussies have dominated over the past decade and just check out this pic ...

The above just says it all in one word ... Iam still wonder struck by the above pic.. windies used their body line and head line bouncers once to conquer the world in this sport.. But now where the sport has gone leaps and bounds , Aussies seems to be always ahead of the pack in any form of the game ..

Just find out where the rest of the players are ?? The answer is there aren't any fielders other than those on the slip cordon :) ... They have conquered the game and have shown this world how cricket is played professionally ,this might raise some eye brows!!! Anyways iam really awestruck by their selection and still wondering how a brand new player can perform his best on debut !!!

Their Strengths :

-> Each of the 14 members in the team are always fighting for a place .. Tells about the level of competetion within the team ..

-> A brand new player always perform to his best given the opportunity and cements hi s place in the side .. shuan tait , Brad hogg to mention a few)

-> Its always been a collective effort from the team and they compliment each other very well ..

-> The passion for the sport has never dried from their skin ..

-> The most important of them are the way they undergo rigorous training session and the selection is more transparent .. So there is no room for complacency here ..

-> They have developed as a good fielding side which improves the quality of cricket played..

-> They have always had the opponents thinking and make sure they are on top during the course of the game ..

-> They have won 3 consecutive WC's.. They are the best side on their home turrf with a 90% win record ..

-> Sledging has been part and parcel of Aussie cricket .. How many times have you seen Mcgrath and Brett sledge Lara ??

-> Apart from Shane warne they have never produced great spinners in the modern era , which will be a great challenge for them ahead..

-> The best strategy to beat them to keep the basics right and always make ricky ponting thinking .. The match @ eden gardens when India played Aus in 2002 was one of the best match i have witnessed in my career ..

-> Play to your strengths and dont be a prey to them , they would just stamp the authority ..

-> There aren't to many young players .. The Average age is around 31 ..

It been an Windies domination in '80 where the greats of Lloyd , Roberts, Richards , Marshall showed the world with their speed and bounce...

And Aussies have come back with a bang to show cricketing world how well they apply themselves to situations with sheer aggression and all round team performance ..

We will have to wait and see who is going to topple them.. Lets play the waiting game!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

FedX - "The real champ"

Finally a post to satisfy few people out here .. The very thought of writing this one just striked me becoz iam passionate observer of tennis.. Let me start of about Federer aka FedX , the champion of the tennis world ..

The great question that came across was " whether Nadal would run away with the trophy on grass even before FedX does it on Clay " .. So guys you still have to wait for another long year to know the outcome of this .. Its is the clash if the "TITANS" of the modern era of tennis ..

we just witnessed one of the best tennis in recent memory none other than the wimbledon finals .. It was a valiant effort from Nadal - "King of Clay".. Nadal has been a matured player through the years and we are still expecting the best from rafa in the years to come.. A great challenge between two monster in the likes of Graf-Seles , Sampras-Courier or a Borg-McEnroe rivalry .. We are just witnessing one of its kind..

But why do we hail FedX a champion player ?? I havent seen a more complete player than federer in my recent memory.. He has his elegant volley , the fore hand down line , back hand is just too good for anyone to handle and slices the ball into two.. He is a calm , composed player and has the overall gameplay ..

Above all the difference between him and Nadal on the finals was the Service .. The ration of Aces were 23 : 1 .. Nadal's game plan is really compelling for tennis players as he always try to keep the ball in play .. He has improved as a grass player as we can see him coming to net quite often playing volleys which has never been his style of play.. I thought the service made the difference on that very day and that took the match away from Nadal in the final set..

We normally dont see federer getting emotional that easy and and this trophy really meant a lot to him.. 5 Consecutive wimbledon trophies - "A great feat isn't it??" , 11 in all grand slams ..

The great Evan lendl once said "i would give away all my grand slams trophies for one wimbledon"...

Champions of Grass: Borg , Sampras , Federer , ?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Interview question that suprised me !!!!

I had to do my actual rounds of interview in synopsys and i was in the middle of the a logical question .. I screwed up with my answer and it seemed as though the question didn't strike me at all. So interviewer immediately found my state and drastically changed the focus to a different question to soothe me ..

It was surprising , the question was " If you were in a foreign place , tell me 10 great people ,who are alive who could make you proud as an INDIAN "?? I was taken away and start looking around for names ..

My list went like this APJ , Sachin tendulkar, Sunita Willimas , AR Rahman , Leander Paes , Manmohan singh , Kiran Bedi , Aishwarya Ray , Madavan Nair ( Chief of ISRO ) , Narayana Moorthy .. I did struggle a bit to give this list , but i was never expecting this question in a technical interview , i was really taken by surprise ...

I did give him a list of other people , but he rejected all those answers.. He didnt want me to name any politicians... Are you people ready with the list of 10 great INDIANS ???? Please post your comments ...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Placement experinece @ PSG tech

Placements "we call it the path to heaven" !!! PSG tech is the best place where the path is right infront of you and you just have to pick up the correct path to the destination ... Placements are the biggest stage for excellency in college. During the early days of our placements , i remember our HOD ,the placement officer giving a lecture on how to handle placements and job interview ..

I was moved by his words , " The road ahead is smooth and clean , my wards make sure your vehicle is also perfect , because there better equiped vehicle who are following and can overtake you " . I think people reading this can understand the above phrase.. So the stage is all set for the placements to kick start for year '06-'07 and our preparations for it was not lagging behind either ...

The whole of the class had prepared immensely for the interviews , a whole lot of stuff , Quantitative , Puzzles , C aptitude and lot others we discussed among us and we really made sure our basics are strong... As a placement representative i along with few other guys had to prepare the mark sheets , collecting other documents etc.. The initial phase is placement talk given by various leading companies , the work , the culture , technology , lot others and finally we all will be waiting for the pay package , most of us interested in the part of the presentation which would really keep us excited ..

So moving forward our first pit stop was TCS ( IT major in India which has offices in most parts of the world ) .. So TCS is known for recruiting a number of people and this time around they didn't give a suprise at all. The number was huge and whole lot of people from my class got placed here .. So most of us were done with our first job at TCS.. The way we attended the test , interviews were like mega events that i would never forget in my life .. If u read between the above lines few guys can find out how strategically we wrote the written test .. A good team of 12 people were formed and the execution was almost perfect for few mishaps here and there .. So we all could clear the written test and the interview was another nightmare , and the students didnt have any idea which interview panel they were supposed to go.. It was chaos all around and the interviews were held for complete 2 days .. The next day we had the results late @ 2 in the morning .. The list was big and students jumped with joy to see most of them getting a offer . That was one heck of an experience , i would really cherish those moments , as well most of my friends ...

So people reading this "live with those memorable moments and cherish it " :-)
Will keep this space updated soon :-)

APJ as the next president ???

The biggest question is whether APJ Abdul kalam's tenure as President of India will be extended ?? Let me put the question this way ..

Why do we need APJ as the President of India again ???
APJ often referred as "Missile Man of India"

The following post is entirely my point of view. I haven't seen a better president than APJ to don the role to perfection .. One way or the other to be part of this democracy " which is otherwise crazy" , people at the helm are influenced by politicians and money .. The headlines reads "MP caught in food scam , blah blah blah !!!". People who donned this role earlier where very much influenced by the ruling party and the politicians had a big role to play.. APJ might be an exception and has handled it properly ... He has played clean politics the last 5 years ..

Qualities :

India 2020 Vision a dream every indian wants to be into, is a great motive started by APJ .. To make such great vision successful you need to have great people @ the helm.. This vision 2020 can be turned into a reality only when all of us join hands and think about a "Developed India ". the young minds have to be nurtured from grass root level and as quoted by APJ "Young minds are pillars of the India " .

You need to write a separate book on his educational qualifications and there is a long list of what he has achieved in past which makes him special. He holds position at DRDO , ISRO and various other posts at different levels.

He is the right person "for a developing India" and can make easy inroads to develop this nation and recognize as one of the best in the world in all fields. His vision to make india #1 in technology and science is inculcating the spirits within us . In one of his talks he said "We need young entrepreneurs in large numbers in our country for developing and transforming our village clusters into sustainable economic units" . Are we ready for this , are we people ready to take up challenges to develop this country to be called "#1 in the World " , abolish poverty , child labour , install 90% literacy ... Are we ready for a change ??

I will just take a break and make you people think about the future of our nation..

So guys/gals take some time to think wisely and vote your choice on the next "President of India " ..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where is INDIA heading towards ??? - " Investment Plans "

The present Indian Economy is growing at a scorching pace .. IT and ITES sectors , the Real Estates , shares and stock market to mention a few ... So how does it benefit us ?? What does this really mean ??

Answer is simple these are now the key ways of investment .. The IT buzz has been far reaching with India majors like Infosys , Tcs , Wipro have started moving their attention towards the rural areas in parts of Andhra , Tamil Nadu and else where .. So the opportunities are a plenty in this sector . With a huge number of BPO organization operating from India , it finds India a major competitor for China in the global market..

Chapter 1 : Real Estates : " Biggest Investment happening here " : Huge ROI

The real estate prices are shooting above the roof.. This sector in recent times has taken everyone by a surprise .. The land rises have sored above expectations and the flats are demanding far more price , that is even unimaginable.. With lower interest rates for home loans , the middle class stomach is getting emptied day by day.. I will highlight few major places where the real estates are of great appreciation.. Bangalore ( Silicon Valley of India ), Delhi ( places near Noida ) , Chennai , Hyderabad , Coimbatore .. The cities find themselves on top for investments in real estates .. In places like coimbatore , where i belong to seems to have a 100 % appreciation in the land prices within a year or so.. Few places in Mumbai and Chennai are quoted similar prices to that of places in Newyork , Manhattan !!! ( Really Suprising )..

Now people are more smarter , started acquiring land in the outskirts of these cities , which in near future will be a place IT hub or a township with state of art facilities .. So think wisely before u pull out your purse and invest in real estates .. There is huge scope in real estates and the brokers are having the " time of their life " .. I think these are people who are really benefited by real estates .. They get lump sum money as commission and brokerage ... " Be wise or you lose " ... This is the right time for investment and talk to investment guru's before you execute your plan..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cricket @ Synopsys - Continued ..

I know you people must be waiting for the result of the match ... Being in such a good position , we were in the drivers seat .. I was a happy man an hour ago , but the crucial over came when i bowled the 17th over , the scores read 78/8 in 16 overs.. Another 40 odd runs in 9 overs... 2 wickets to go...

I bowled the first ball of 17th over , short pitched delivery on the leg stick , bang there it goes for a huge six... Now i started feeling the pressure ... Next ball , full toss , straight down the ground almost missed the boundary by inches , ( sigh of relief for me :-) ) ..My hands started to sweat and couldn't hold the ball properly ..My captain was ushering me to keep it straight , the fielders were strengthened on the off side, then came the 3rd ball bang on target leg stick , there it goes to leg side boundary ... So 14 of 3 balls ... Our confidence weakened , fielders shouting at me.. But i could manage the next 3 ball without giving any runs ... 1 over 14 runs , the turning point of the match ...

And then the batsmen played sensibly .. They played like top order batsmen taking singles of almost every ball .. The fielding was spread , fear that we would lose the match... They played like real champions ... Nothing can be taken away from them ... One guy supported the other and they played in with immense command.. Stealing singles and scored an odd boundary ... Finally the result was obvious we lost to a better team..

But sometimes when i think back and do a post mortem i would say we were very unluncky , we weren't given runouts and a caught behind appeal ... Our fielders were very sharp on the fielding ... But anyways , thats part of the game .. No one can be complained and i even heard the unmpire say " I gave a wrong decision (caught behind appeal) which costed us the match.. Thats how cricket is played ... The whole night i was thinking about the match and i felt bad , could have done better ... But i always tell to myself , maybe the best days are ahead and this was just an experience ...

So to everyone , handling pressure is an art and i think maybe late Bob Woolmer failed at excelling @ this art ... The amount of pressure ,tension , stress playing at international level is now the talking point ... Lets pray his soul rest in peace...

Cricket @ Synopsys

My cricketing experience goes a long way from my childhood to were am right now.. I have followed this sport and it was as if i was born with a bat in one hand and the ball in the other.... Such was the passion that i had for this sport... I grew up admiring the legends ( Sachin , Dravid ) to name a few ... Unlike these legends iam a sub-standard player who bats up the order and rolls his hands for few off breakers ... ( we call it " Galli Cricket ")

Saturday , 17Th march was the 'D' day for Synopsys cricket .. We need to win against a very ordinary team Sierra Atlantic , who have lost to all other teams in the league .. We were just a win away to take a birth in the semifinals.. So it was a very crucial match and every1 in my team was geared for the match ... For the build up before the match we had 2 practice nets @ Gymkhana grounds ...

It was a bright , sunny day and all of us were expecting a good day of cricket.. The match started of with our captain winning the toss , and without hesitation we batted first .. Runout is anonymous to a bad word in "cricket" and i was a culprit of it only to happen in the 3rd ball of the innings.. So out for duck :-)... And our batsmen consolidated well in middle over to reach a modest target of 122 in 25 overs... ( !! I felt we should have bowled first as there was swing and some help for the fast bowlers )...

Then we were on the field and we knew our strength relies on bowling as we had a very good pace attack.. During the course of the tournament we had 50 - 50 win-loss percentage and both the wins came when we defended our score .. So bowling was clearly our strength , so there wansnt any surprise our opening bowlers were on a rampage got top 4 wickets for a meagre 25 runs... And i had to bowl out few overs as we were short of one fast bowler for that match ...

I had bowling nightmares during the first match when i bowled pathetic conceding too many runs.. So i really wanted to put that performance behind me and really put a good performance for this match... My intial 2 overs were the best , just giving away 2 runs and taking 2 wickets .. I was a happy man then ... The opponents were 70/8 in 15 overs , reeling under pressure and the victory was in our sight ( i was dreaming of a 40 , may be 30 runs victory !!! ) , which would boost our NRR (Net Run rate) and make it easy to qualify for semis.. But came the turning point of the match ...

Sorry i dont have time now... Will update you all in my next blog.. Keep Smiling :-) ..

Thursday, March 1, 2007

India Poised to win WC '07 : Beginning

I really dont understand one basic fact !!! If it comes to start gossiping about sports or movies , everyone has a word or 2 about it..And Iam not an exception.. People reading this might think , this guy seems to always write about cricket and seems to be a cricket freak :-) .. But somehow i find it interesting to put something to the readers when it comes to writing blogs on Cricket or Football ( any sports for that matter) ... U will surely find something to take away after reading this and do go ahead ...

The biggest talking point nowadays has been the Cricket WC in the Indies (Cricketing extravaganza starting this month) .. Young kids from the age of 5 , to the passionate and enthusiastic youth of 18's dreaming of donning the Indian colors someday( which is still a mystery???), to the oldies who have followed cricket for a very long time are eagerly waiting for the WC '07 to kick off in style ... I have seen young kids playing on the road sides , apartments , any vacant areas etc.. which we dont find often ( Courtesy : Real Estates) playing with such great passion and rigour.. They just toil themselves , running , diving , catching , fielding they do all kind of stuffs prescribed in the Cricketing book (Bible).. My expectations have gone sky rocketing high and hoping India pulls of a memorable win this time round..

Readers please wait for my next blog... Will update soon more on this... Releasing shortly :-)..

Only Nike can do this : just do it

Just saw one of Nike's mind-blowing Ad's and thought should share with u people.. I think this one of the most amazing Ad sequence and it matches one of the best Nike Ad's filmed for various football players ...

Just take break and watch it one more .. This goes to show how much Cricket means to the people of India ...

The whole scene starts , one of the familiar places we often find, "traffic jams" .. There comes the boy, enthusiastic and passionate , gears up to have a go at the ball.. Then the scene transcends to all around the ground ( ie. Traffic jam) in this scenario .. we could see lot of other interesting stuff happening around the park , each one has a go at the game ( elephants , thata , pattis , buisneesman , taxiwalas etc... ) .. Before scene transfolds into the climax we find a body line delivery directed @ the chest ( shows the rigour of Cricket) .. And finally representing the spirit of cricket , there come the guy with high arm action , 2 feet above the ground , :-) ..... U better watch it ...

Thats Nike for u .. truly inspirational and passionate ...
Awesome video ... Nike "just did it"