Friday, August 10, 2007

1 DAY TO GO !!!!!

Ohh ahhh , Wat a goal , hits the Cross bar , watta save from the goalkeeper , and finally with all the excitement to the '07 Season , Red Devils walks away with the premier league .... Its has seen the likes of Ronaldo , Essien , Cesc fabgregas coming up the ladder and giving great performances for their club teams ...

But wazz the suprise this time around ?? The Red Devils have gone all guns blazzing for the pre season talks and transfers .. Sir Alex ferguson is leading them to record 21st season and the confidence within the team has soared to great heights in chase of their title defence .. They have gone for their piece of cake with the transfers of Owen Hargrevas from Bayern Munich along with the Tevez seems to have filled a few holes in the team.. The Red Devils played an outright game from start of the season with a few hiccups here and there... The likes of Ronaldo (who in standards seems to get the player of the year in sometime from now) , vidic , Carrick , Fletcher with the help of old horses like Scholes, Giggs , Ferdinand earned them a title..

I have chosen my pick for this season and its "The Reds" (Liverpool ) who will come out strong from the rest of the pack.. Wat makes them special ??? Everyone reading this might be laughing for sometime , but i believe they would prove you otherwise.. Is that about to change? Even from 12,000 miles away, I can sense a huge wave of optimism around Anfield. The summer signings, the unveiling of the dramatic stadium and the statements of various players in the media and through this website have all encouraged a belief among fans like me of great things to come this season ..

Thumbs Up Rafa:

They have made the best signings for this season , Fernando Torres , benayoun ,Andriy Voronin all seem to great prospects for "The Reds" winning this season ..

They have got the most influential players in the league , Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher , Steven Gerrard (forget the MBE, he's Sir Steven in my house) in my dictionary ..

The important priority is to get off to a good start and when the transfer window opens again , rafa will do the talking..

Rafa like always be the best tatician when gambling with players and playing against big teams...

Thumbs Down:

They have always for the past seasons started like a snail, lagging the title contenders .. Gerrard in his famous interview says "you may not win the title in the first few games but you can lose it then, and that's certainly what Liverpool have done in recent seasons"..

"You Will Never Walk Alone" - Liverpool

So Guys whomever you support , the best of football is rite here .. Just a day away for kick off.. Iam almost sunk in the pre match reviews and predictions which keep me even more engrossed than before .. I will be glued to my sets every other weekends hoping for the best in this season..

Let the Ohh !! Ahh start again !!! and the '08 champions are ???

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Vijesh said...
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Vijesh said...

The Red Devils will roar this season again, read more

Puthali said... the most successful English club...hmm...not a bad choice...but sadly they have lost their way....hmm...wonder if the new signings will help usher in a new Liverpool...
'n "you'll never walk alone" one of those famous ones which has gone down into history books...listen to Pink Floyd's 'Fearless'...if you havent already done...