Friday, May 4, 2007

Interview question that suprised me !!!!

I had to do my actual rounds of interview in synopsys and i was in the middle of the a logical question .. I screwed up with my answer and it seemed as though the question didn't strike me at all. So interviewer immediately found my state and drastically changed the focus to a different question to soothe me ..

It was surprising , the question was " If you were in a foreign place , tell me 10 great people ,who are alive who could make you proud as an INDIAN "?? I was taken away and start looking around for names ..

My list went like this APJ , Sachin tendulkar, Sunita Willimas , AR Rahman , Leander Paes , Manmohan singh , Kiran Bedi , Aishwarya Ray , Madavan Nair ( Chief of ISRO ) , Narayana Moorthy .. I did struggle a bit to give this list , but i was never expecting this question in a technical interview , i was really taken by surprise ...

I did give him a list of other people , but he rejected all those answers.. He didnt want me to name any politicians... Are you people ready with the list of 10 great INDIANS ???? Please post your comments ...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Placement experinece @ PSG tech

Placements "we call it the path to heaven" !!! PSG tech is the best place where the path is right infront of you and you just have to pick up the correct path to the destination ... Placements are the biggest stage for excellency in college. During the early days of our placements , i remember our HOD ,the placement officer giving a lecture on how to handle placements and job interview ..

I was moved by his words , " The road ahead is smooth and clean , my wards make sure your vehicle is also perfect , because there better equiped vehicle who are following and can overtake you " . I think people reading this can understand the above phrase.. So the stage is all set for the placements to kick start for year '06-'07 and our preparations for it was not lagging behind either ...

The whole of the class had prepared immensely for the interviews , a whole lot of stuff , Quantitative , Puzzles , C aptitude and lot others we discussed among us and we really made sure our basics are strong... As a placement representative i along with few other guys had to prepare the mark sheets , collecting other documents etc.. The initial phase is placement talk given by various leading companies , the work , the culture , technology , lot others and finally we all will be waiting for the pay package , most of us interested in the part of the presentation which would really keep us excited ..

So moving forward our first pit stop was TCS ( IT major in India which has offices in most parts of the world ) .. So TCS is known for recruiting a number of people and this time around they didn't give a suprise at all. The number was huge and whole lot of people from my class got placed here .. So most of us were done with our first job at TCS.. The way we attended the test , interviews were like mega events that i would never forget in my life .. If u read between the above lines few guys can find out how strategically we wrote the written test .. A good team of 12 people were formed and the execution was almost perfect for few mishaps here and there .. So we all could clear the written test and the interview was another nightmare , and the students didnt have any idea which interview panel they were supposed to go.. It was chaos all around and the interviews were held for complete 2 days .. The next day we had the results late @ 2 in the morning .. The list was big and students jumped with joy to see most of them getting a offer . That was one heck of an experience , i would really cherish those moments , as well most of my friends ...

So people reading this "live with those memorable moments and cherish it " :-)
Will keep this space updated soon :-)

APJ as the next president ???

The biggest question is whether APJ Abdul kalam's tenure as President of India will be extended ?? Let me put the question this way ..

Why do we need APJ as the President of India again ???
APJ often referred as "Missile Man of India"

The following post is entirely my point of view. I haven't seen a better president than APJ to don the role to perfection .. One way or the other to be part of this democracy " which is otherwise crazy" , people at the helm are influenced by politicians and money .. The headlines reads "MP caught in food scam , blah blah blah !!!". People who donned this role earlier where very much influenced by the ruling party and the politicians had a big role to play.. APJ might be an exception and has handled it properly ... He has played clean politics the last 5 years ..

Qualities :

India 2020 Vision a dream every indian wants to be into, is a great motive started by APJ .. To make such great vision successful you need to have great people @ the helm.. This vision 2020 can be turned into a reality only when all of us join hands and think about a "Developed India ". the young minds have to be nurtured from grass root level and as quoted by APJ "Young minds are pillars of the India " .

You need to write a separate book on his educational qualifications and there is a long list of what he has achieved in past which makes him special. He holds position at DRDO , ISRO and various other posts at different levels.

He is the right person "for a developing India" and can make easy inroads to develop this nation and recognize as one of the best in the world in all fields. His vision to make india #1 in technology and science is inculcating the spirits within us . In one of his talks he said "We need young entrepreneurs in large numbers in our country for developing and transforming our village clusters into sustainable economic units" . Are we ready for this , are we people ready to take up challenges to develop this country to be called "#1 in the World " , abolish poverty , child labour , install 90% literacy ... Are we ready for a change ??

I will just take a break and make you people think about the future of our nation..

So guys/gals take some time to think wisely and vote your choice on the next "President of India " ..