Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get "played on" by IPL - New Era of Cricket

What a hullaballoo it has been ovee the past week (sry, i stole this word from Bhogle's dictionary).Anyways lets get to the topic ,the scene around cricketing world over the past month or so has been full of drama, excitement , uproar from all section of the crowd, players, officals and list goes on...

How well have you people followed EPL , La Liga , Brazilian league and all the other leagues happening around the world. We guys pinch on to one team and really have a go, crazy supporting them irrespective of their nationality. I am a firm supporter of LiverpoolFC and it really doesnt make sense even if MBR. Gerrard is in my team or not, as long as my team is winning matches.Sounds like one really wierd , crazy fan of LiverpoolFC even after their loss to Barnsley in FA cup. Otherwise am a huge supported of Argentina during WC.

Now the stage is set for one of the biggest cricket league to do a epic beginning in our mother land. The final say is "get played on" with IPL.. So what are u guys waiting for , the green signal has been issued for IPL to start bidding their players and you start picking your best team.

Synonymous to all leagues world over, IPL also extensively follows their foot path with player contracts and franchisee which gives their fans something to cheer about. The so called Elite teams listed are,

1) Mumbai - Owner Reliances Industries ( Mukesh Ambani)
2) Kolkota - Red Chilles INternational
3) Bangalore - UB Groups ( Mr . Vijay Mallaya)
4) Chennai - Indian Cemenets
5) Mohali - Preety Zinta, Ness Wadia
6) Delhi - GMR Holdings
7) Hyderabad - DEccan Chronicle
8) Jaipur - Emerging Media

The current auction includes player contract and team franchisee.

The bid amount for each of these team were not mere numbers but more overhelming to the others bidders who took part in the race for franchisee. In the inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) which starts from April 18, have started their process to auction overseas and native players.

Guess what's next , the IPL have come up with something special for our top players, rating them as "Icon players" and wouldnot be included in the list of auctioned players and wait!!! Wat else in the offering?? also they are payed 15% more than the higgest paid player in the team. OOOOOhhhh , Ouuuch that really sounds some big money. I guess IPL has "played you on" !!!!

Ok that ends my story for now, I would be supporting for Chennai "Super Kings" and make sure my mate in Indian dressing room be it Tendulkar who would play for Mumbai, or Dada for Kolkata, i would them out for duck and make sure Chennai runs away with the Twenty20 trophy. I would end up supporting Warne, Shoaib Akhtar to blow some big blows for Chennai if ever they happenedto be part of the Chennai team..

Its' time for you all to pick the team of your choice, not knowing whether the team has an Oz, pakistani or a Newzealender. But the very next day i would be just go the opposite by supporting Tendulkar , Dada, Dhoni when they are playing for India.
So i want you people to get "played on" by IPL and dilemma continues....