Thursday, December 27, 2007

The best Invitation i have received !!!

Folks , please take your time to stop here and your are going to witness one of the best invitation that i have received. From that time ,am have been moved by this Invitation. So make sure you go through and prepare one for yourself when the times comes....

My close friend DK happened to sent us this invitation, We all knew this was coming but we never expected one such invitation :-)

Please read the invitation further ,

Subject : Sorry for the late Information : Invitation Attached

Hi All,

Some of you already know this and my apologies to the
others for not announcing it earlier; I wanted to keep
it low key until everything was planned and in place.
Hope you all understand!!!

Anyway, after much apprehension and hesitation, I am
tying the knot on Feb 2, 2008. Kindly keep
your calendars open because I would love to see you
there! Please understand I am the first guy from the class to do so.

I have attached the invitation which contains the

Do have a look at it. Will keep you posted on further

Wish me the best. See you there!

Follow the link below to find the invitation...
For a movie version please check out on the left side of the invitation.

To view the Invitation please
Click Here

Need your esteemed presence on this occassion..


Monday, December 24, 2007

Hello Folks!!! Interesting introductory mail.

An antonym to my previous blog, let me give you some idea on how to compose a introductory message to you team mates at your new office. I always believe that "first impression is the best impression" and there should not be any excuse sending a introductory mail to your team mates. The very thought of writing one such was because when i joined ALU i wanted to give a different introductory mail altogether and surprise people.

Anyways dont want to keep you people bored :).. Here are few good mail composition of introductory mails sent by people across various life styles..

Sub : Introductory message from X
Hello All,
This is Ramakrishnan Venkataramana Ramoorthy , quite a big name indeed!!! But i have excused you all from calling me as short as Ram.

I basically hail from a small town near trichy in tamilnadu . I had been working with X company for the past 3 years. It would be a great pleasure for me to work in this team and bring the best out of me.

Sub : Greetings !!!
Hello folks,
I am Ramkumar Shah, a new employee of Alcatel-Lucent and a new member of the systems team family. My roots and my native is Abu, a beautiful place in Rajasthan but have been a Bangalorean all my life.

I was associated with LG Soft India Pvt Ltd (the only organization I have worked for) before joining this organization. I have a work-ex of 3 years.
My hobbies are playing the electronic keyboard, acting in stage plays, reading mystery novels and as most guys, watching and playing cricket.:)
Looking forward for a memorable experience of working with you all and enjoying my tenure here.


Goodbye... For now!!!

Yes Goodbye.. For now!!! a typical phrase used by people who leave their current employer and plans to join a different company. So i have seen quite a few mails when people from my team who have left the company and joined elsewhere. So guess when your time comes to compose one such mail, please refer here and fill the comments column :)

This is a nice one , please read further ...
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving this project. I will be starting a new phase of my career next month.

I have enjoyed my tenure here and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you all. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement I have received during my time here. Even though I will miss the whole experience, I am looking forward to this new challenge and starting a new phase of my career.

Do keep in touch, my personal ID is: mail-id@

Wish you all the best!!!!

Thanks again for everything, I hope our paths cross again.
Yours truly,

Guess you people got an idea how to send one.

Another simple one , check this one out...

Hi All,

Tomorrow is my last day on this project.
I would like to thank each one of you for your support,encouragement and cooperation during my stay here.
It was a great learning experience for me.
(Special mention to someone also applicable..) Thanks a lot...! for all the support and help i got from you guys.

All the very best for all your personal and professional life.
Wish this Project a great success ahead!
Please keep in touch. Hope we happen to meet each other in future...!

My contact details are:
Personal E-mail:

Thanks & Regards

This is the best goodbye email that i have read and i have already planned for a copy-paste when one such occasion comes for me :-)

Dear friends,

This is a note which I knew I would have to write someday, although it
never crossed my mind when.

It seems like minutes rather than year when I first stepped into XXX Company,
a non-chemical background guy who wouldn’t know an acrylic from solvent.
I’ve laughed and cried and learnt with the best of you and over the year,
many of you have become like family to me. I have no doubt that today, when
I log out for the last time and leave my cubicle to explore new horizons,
it will be one of the longest and saddest walks in my life.

But explore the new horizons I must. It is a sad decision but I am in need
to fulfill my dreams.

Thank you for playing such a big part in my personal and professional
growth, and allow me to continue sharing your lives, just as you have done
so generously in the last one year and twenty nine days.

Please keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Another classic last day mail to all your office colleagues .. Check this link

Nice one

So i guess you all got an idea of a sample goodbye mail should look it.

Things to remember when you compose one are:

* Thank everyone for their support and cooperation . You can also mention someone if they had been really special.
* Specify your personal mail id and mobile number for future communication.
* Typical phrases are " Hoping that our ends meet again " , " Keep in touch & dont hesitate to mail back for any info"..

Please write in your suggestions of composing one such "Goodbye mail" to your team mates.

Friday, December 21, 2007

World's best fielders - A Preview

The biggest question that comes to my mind when you see Rhodes, Collingwood , AB De villers walk to the ground when they take their field is: How many runs is a fielder worth? WE might think Batsmen toil hard to get their runs and bowlers meanwhile stern themselves to get wickets, but not to forget about is the standard of fielding. How many times we have seen a match turn because of the fielding , a blinder of a catch , a long direct hit from the deep covers , a crucial throw to the correct end to get a batsmen run out.

To me fielders worth more the runs they save on the field and the crucial catches they take which turn the match on its head!!! So lets not talk more about fielding and its aspects. Lets directly go to the nominations for the worlds best fielders that we have seen so far.Rightly said by most commentators "Catches win Matches" , but they themselves haven't been the best of the fielders during their time. Lets start of with ground fielding .. Here goes the nominations ,

Obvious nomination Jonathan Neil "Jonty" Rhodes:

Whats makes him so special? To the cricketing world has never ever seen a better fields men than him. he is simply special because of this agility and anticipation that every ball will fly to him. He has provided the fans with a treat , some catching blinders on the field and some astounding runouts which has turned the match on its head. His presence could serve his team through his diving power, catching power and above all throwing capabilities which, for sure, save many runs for his team.he could have made a century worth runs with every 5 matches played on the fielding itself besides from the runs scored with the bat.

Watch the video of flying Jonty making the big Inzy run for his money:
Spectacular Runout video
Watch and enjoy :-)

Our next nomination is "Paul Collingwood":
Collingwood , current ODI captain of England, has produced some outstanding catches and stops. The batsmen would get awestruck with the presence of Paul on the field. Very quick on the field and as a "natural athlete", he is also regarded as one of the finest fielders of his time.He has turned on to become the best batsmen for the english side and very handy with his slow medium. So check out the following video and then look out for the reaction of Mathew Hayden , simply astonishing catch.

Finest Catches !!! Treat to your Eyes

Hayden couldn't believe his eyes for the catch , collingwood stretching one hand 12 feet from the ground one handed catch.

More good fielders to come ... But enjoy the videos and hope we indians also produce one such Rhodes in future.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kumar Paravatha Trek - A trek to eternity

Better get prepared before you start reading this one. Well , It was indeed a trip to eternity. The nature descended down on us like never before. I was at the right place away from jungle - "Bengaloruu".

How did it all happen ??
People were floating mails on various trekking spots and how to conquer each one of them. Then sprang subbu's mail "Interested for KP trek on Dec 1st & 2nd …J
I want to make to the top this year J anyone game for it :-) " ... I really didn't know it was going to be a big game but just the thought made me interested into going for the trek. And then all the planning was done and everyone was sure we would make it to the peak. We floated almost approx 100 mails to get the things done. Bus tickets , Food , Water , medical stuff etc etc..

The Game Begins:
For every game to be won , we need to do pre match analysis and all the funky stuff to get it going. And here ,we too didnt miss this one. Infact lots of research was put in on how to get there? number of kilometers to cover in a hour? 7 lotta of others stuffs to. But The execution has to be near to perfect to get that done.

Bus journey from bangalore:
A usual friday evening in bangalore, lots of vehcile on the road , traffic that has crossed its limits. Myself and Manan took a richsaw towards Jaya nagar to get the tent and the sleeping bags and we were off to kempe gouda bus stand. Whatever that followed was just inevitable , so please read on.

We started our Trek with expectations - just reaching the Peak

Joined for some quick Team Photo
(… Little did anyone imagine that there will a split in the “Team” – Sharks & Rockers, during the journey )

As is the Indian Cricket Team culture, we huddled together for a quick “Planning” ..

.. And some final Adjustments in the packing ..
We started our trek with bright faces ..

Sitting down on every visible rocks in the name of Photo Shoot …. (Everyone obliging, putting the blame squarely on Subbu)

And Relaxing……… oops read it as Photo-shoot on some benches too.

We got our first view of the Peak & mountains…
Getting many of team members into a high.

Noticing the board “Don't tease animals”….almost everyone in the team was left wondering if there would be boards mentioning, “please don't tease shark/rockers team members”… Pun intended :-)

Though the peak was visible & many were excited…., it really dawned on us that we were delayed in reaching spot by few hours and our energy fast fading out. With the reality drowning upon us, we decided to end our journey toward the peak considering everyones’ endurance level. Team members deciding against splitting up the team & instead spend time together.

Though we failed in the “test of Endurance”, we passed with flying colors in the “test of Team spirit”.

We ended up setting up tents near the mantap, and please find our spirits when you visit the place.

Finally our humble dwelling was ready to be occupied ….
Little did anyone imagine that this will save Good night sleep for many, and for few other brave souls, some more adventure, which went well past midnight.

(Psst….. For few other Discovery channel fans, they felt as if they were below the base camp & the snowstorm hitting their tents at some 400 mph).
Sunset happened so quickly that many were so stuck with its beauty and busy capturing the moment in their mind & soul, that they forget that camera’s was meant for that purpose….. to capture it & look at it and enjoy all those missed moments, when instead you could have enjoyed it at that time.

Night time bought out the real heroes …. (their wives must be really lucky), who braved the fire & chill to provide others the food…

Even at that stage, the most surprise pick of our trekking party, Harsha was left pondering of the missed opportunities. Most importantly he seemed to have realized late his potential. Seeing him in the camp, it should not be a surprise to the team if he starts trekking as his hobby.

Sorry buddy for spoiling the show :)

.. and as usual Manan to his self is not too much bothered with it, he his busy enjoying his culinary skill.

Dawn showcased to us mortal people, how heaven looks like ..

And the reality of how many others has reached it ….

With heavy heart & Empty stomach, we started descend to reach the base & bring alive our taste buds…

(…. Thank Subbu/Mahesh/Harish, for not taking a snap of us eating those breadcrumbs !!!, or else many would be left searching their dictionary for a better explanation than gentlemen)
As is our style, we posed for few more pics to showcase & impress our friends back home – with the background & also sweat in our brows.
Battru is God send to us mortal souls, who venture into such tough trekking place to test their endurance… Below photo showcases what I mean...

Reaching base.. & more Photos

Though we did not reach the peak…… everyone’s thought was filled with these pictures…..

We departed with heavy heart & a smile on our faces,
… With the Joy of enjoying every moment of trek,
… With the maturity level of knowing our physical & mental limits,
(psst…… With the more maturity level of knowing that Subbu should not be given incharge of handling Bus tickets :)
… With the knowledge that it's the Journey & not just destination, which can give you happiness.. So enjoy every moment of you life

.. And With definitely the same thought “ VISIT AGAIN”.

Signing Off with the group photo….

Standing (left- right) Subbu, Arun, Srihari, Dheena , Harsha , Mahesh
Sitting (left - right) Abhinethra , Sumil , Manan , Gopal

~ Regards Subbu/Srihari.