Monday, July 9, 2007

FedX - "The real champ"

Finally a post to satisfy few people out here .. The very thought of writing this one just striked me becoz iam passionate observer of tennis.. Let me start of about Federer aka FedX , the champion of the tennis world ..

The great question that came across was " whether Nadal would run away with the trophy on grass even before FedX does it on Clay " .. So guys you still have to wait for another long year to know the outcome of this .. Its is the clash if the "TITANS" of the modern era of tennis ..

we just witnessed one of the best tennis in recent memory none other than the wimbledon finals .. It was a valiant effort from Nadal - "King of Clay".. Nadal has been a matured player through the years and we are still expecting the best from rafa in the years to come.. A great challenge between two monster in the likes of Graf-Seles , Sampras-Courier or a Borg-McEnroe rivalry .. We are just witnessing one of its kind..

But why do we hail FedX a champion player ?? I havent seen a more complete player than federer in my recent memory.. He has his elegant volley , the fore hand down line , back hand is just too good for anyone to handle and slices the ball into two.. He is a calm , composed player and has the overall gameplay ..

Above all the difference between him and Nadal on the finals was the Service .. The ration of Aces were 23 : 1 .. Nadal's game plan is really compelling for tennis players as he always try to keep the ball in play .. He has improved as a grass player as we can see him coming to net quite often playing volleys which has never been his style of play.. I thought the service made the difference on that very day and that took the match away from Nadal in the final set..

We normally dont see federer getting emotional that easy and and this trophy really meant a lot to him.. 5 Consecutive wimbledon trophies - "A great feat isn't it??" , 11 in all grand slams ..

The great Evan lendl once said "i would give away all my grand slams trophies for one wimbledon"...

Champions of Grass: Borg , Sampras , Federer , ?