Thursday, December 3, 2009

Violence !!! More Violence !!! reports Cricinfo

Today Virendar Sehwag(aka Viru) is already a trending topic in twitter sehwag. I was following cricinfo today and all the reporter had to do was to make sure they have all the boundaries recorded when sehwag blasted to 284 at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai against Lankans. I just love the way they report Violence when Sehwag goes for the maximum, for sometime i was in a deep thought that a T20 match was going on.

India today after getting SL out for 393 showed how brutally the pitch has turned bad for the Lankans. India is clearly in the drivers seat having scored 443 runs in 80 overs with the loss of one wicket. To me another 400 runs from the Indian batting side looks to be mere a number and Lankans will need to put on their thinking cap when resume on Day 3. Muralitharan playing in his last test match on Indian soil will never want to remember this bowling performance.

All the hopes came crashing down today for Lankans hoping to win their first test match on Indian soil after 16 years and again it looks to me that a win still evade the Islanders. Sehwag today was ruthless, punished the bowlers all around the park and never seemed to be in the mood to bog down. Later on someone reminded me that there is a test series being played between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai. Such was the batting prowess that Sehwag displayed today, pretty sure it was worth the money for the spectators.

Sehwag's explanation of cricket "See the ball, Hit the ball hard". Lets hope that he crosses the 300 mark in style and then go on to score 400 runs and then to beat the highest individual score in test cricket scored by BC Lara (400* against England) in 2004.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What are u doing now?

Am sitting down at my partner client here in San Diego, US. San Diego is a lovely place and am wondering what i should be posting on my blog. It has been recently flooded with too many sports thoughts so just gave it a break.

Yes am trying to put my thoughts about twitter - What are you doing?? I have been posting quite a few tweets until recently i joined. My friends have been crazy on this and they clock an average 15-20 tweets everyday. Lots of interesting , not so interesting, masala tweets and with the IPL in full swing lots of my friends are seen putting the match update.s I initially had a all together a weird feeling about twitter. I was in assumption that why i tell someone what am doing or am least bothered about what others are doing?? Huh , but until recently i found out its a kind of thing which is very short and easy to share. You can see it for yourself ,i never had to compose these many blogs which has information that few would have already felt that its just too much to take and boring. The thing that attracts me is that the messages you need to convey is short.

So different people have different thoughts but with that i was wondering how twitter was making revenue. Its an interesting thought that strike my so called brains and this kept me wondering how the business model worked. Give it a thought yourself and you will quite surprised. Twitter doesn't charge its users for the service (at least for now). It's our mobile phone companies who are making the money from our SMS usage. Check this blog here . So really they don't make any money but going forward i would be interested to see how their business model will work on a longer run.
Ways to promote Twitter are,
-> Become a distributor of third-party apps and services that use Twitter and take a cut in return.
-> Design and sell hardware such as a cellphone with “Twitter baked in”.
-> Or, better still, partner with mobile device makers and carriers to offer superior Twitter integration.
-> And finally, sell the service to a carrier.

Yes enjoy twittering and let us know what you are doing?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

NBA playoffs give me a kick - Amazing happens here

Those days when me and my bro used to wake up early mornings to follow the NBA playoffs. From then i used be a good fan of LA Lakers. The double team of Shaque and Kobe was mesmerizing for the opponents.

The days have come back, after office hours am hooked on to my television sets here to catch up with the NBA playoffs. Playoffs are fun, this is where every thing happens. I used play for the school team when i had a great interests for this sport then, now i feel all the energy has come back alive. I love watching Kobe play and the playoffs, its just keeps at the edge of the seat.

The Western conference with LA vs Houston Rockets and Dallas Vs Denver Nuggets are currently playing their semi finals. And on the eastern side where am now Boston is playing against Orlando and Atlanta vs Cleveland. With the LA vs Rockets game really fired up with a game a piece. There is very little between the two teams and anyone who wins has the best chance of taking the coveted NBA title. Already Lobron James winning the coveted MVP of the year, it will interesting to see how others play against Cleveland. Whatever it is am loving this sport, its very fast, its exciting and after all its where "Amazing happens".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unfortunate Blues

I know how it feels when your team fails to reach the finals of the Champions league, They had almost looked to have sealed their birth in the finals against Manchester United, but for the Iniesta goal it eluded them from the obvious final. Being a Liverpool i love the sport of football and love to watch good teams play with great adrenaline.

Hardly did the Catalans looked comfortable in the match which was predominantly dominated by Chelsea, and barely did the Spanish side troubled Cech during the course of the match. To me you feel really sorry when the best team of the day couldn't make it to the finals, it really hearts and to all this it looks like the culprit is the referee Tom Ovrebo. The referee was a farce, complete mockery and looked totally out of sorts. Is this fair?? referee almost denying the Blues a chance to seal their position in the finals. At least 5 penalty appeals were rejected and all it took was the injury time goal for the Catalans with the the away goal advantage to seal a place at Rome.

Guys, to me i can shout top of my voice to show my dissent on the referee. But the result has been decided, the game is over and Barca will meet Man Utd at Rome. My heart feelings for all the Blues fan, they deserved a place in Rome but its really unfortunate that they couldn't make it. I would really relished if Blues had made it to the finals and we could have seen the repeat of last years Champions league finals. But it stays there and Barcelona will meet Manchester United at Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 27 May 2009.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is about Bose ??

People don't read the title wrong, i don't have any problems with people named Bose but i have got addicted to the Bose headphones. You wont believe me , here in US i don't remember not entering a Bose showroom after going to a mall. Ok, fine what is it so much hyped?? To answer it for yourself take a jig in to the nearby Bose showroom, believe me it just takes you off.

The one that impressed me was the Acoustic noise canceling headphones just because it fits you ear perfectly and the sounds just keep ticking your ear drums forever. I still remember the minuscule sounds that was played in the background of a sample music. I normally when listening to music never got attention to the small tunes that runs along with the actual score it was otherwise with Bose headphones. Their quality sound can uncover subtleties you've never noticed before, even with familiar tracks thats indeed amazing. I would love to hear more music through Bose headphones just because it gives a out of the world experience.

For all this well and said they don't come in reasonable price, and for that matter i was hooking on to the deals here and i never found one on Bose headphones. Thats disappointing but i also understand that their quality is far way better that others in the market. With Bose get a new lease in listening to music and enrich the amazing experience. For more info check out their website here, not to long from now i would like to be a proud owner of Bose headphones.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

CSK back on track

Back to back wins by Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings. What a clinical finish it was, i loved to watch them winning. Few key highlights of the match was the amazing one handed catch by Raina. That set the things right for CSK while bowling. All CSK fans would be expecting similar wins from here on. It looks like the fielding and tight bowling at the death did the trick for CSK today.

T20 is unbelievably unpredictable, they ways Delhi Dare devils got back and for a moment they were on the way to win. But few good overs by spinners turned the match on its head. I love the new bowler Jakati bowl , slow left arm , bowls it very flat and with some variations in his book. Folks might be wondering where on earth this player was earlier to this match for all your thinking check this out there. Crucial 4 wickets and the first was a gem ,cleaning Dilshan.

I love them winning and good that they have hit back at the right time, not at the fag end of the tournament where you will never move up the ladder. Enjoying IPL T20 from New Jersey , me and my friends are watching it online from here and click here to join the party and do a whistle for CSK.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Want to take a small break from work ??

Helpful Stretches for Your Mini Work Break

It is recommended that you should take a mini-break every 45 to 60 minutes. While you are on your break, try some of these stretches. It will help you relax those tense muscles.

Whole Body Stretch: Stand and stretch your arms overhead for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Shoulder-Blade Pinch:
With your fingers interlaced behind your head, pinch your shoulder blades together for 8 to 10 seconds. Repeat several times.

Shoulder Rolls: Slowly roll your shoulders 5 times, forward, then 5 times backward.

Triceps Stretches: Holding your left elbow with your right hand, gently pull your left elbow behind your head until you feel a stretch (your left hand should rest gently on the base of your neck). Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction. (If it’s too hard to start with a 30 second stretch, do 3 sets of 10-second stretches or 2 at 15 seconds.)

Hug Stretches: Grasp your right elbow in the palm of your left hand. Pull your arm across your body, as if you are bugging someone.Hold for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Arm and Hand Shakes: With your arms hanging loosely at your sides, shake your arms gently for 5 to 10 seconds.

Trapezius Stretches:Sit on both hands, palms up. Tiltyour head to one shoulder and hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times for each shoulder.

Hand Stretch:
Make a fist with each hand, but don’t squeeze. With your fingers bent, straighten your hand only to the first set of knuckles. Hold for 3 seconds, then straighten your fingers. Repeat 3 times.

Wrist Circles: Without moving your arms,slowly circle your hands, 3 times in each direction.

Wrist Raises: Without moving your arms, slowly raise and lower your hands 5 times.
Slow and Fast Blinks: Blink slowly, allowing your eyes to stay closed for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times. Then blink lightly and quickly 10 times. End with a relaxing temple massage.

Shift Focus:
Find the object that is farthest away from you and focus on it for 5 to 10 seconds. Blink and breath deeply. Then look back at your screen. Repeat 3 times.

Close Your Eyes: close your eyes and cover them the palms of your hand for to 30 seconds. Take long, slow, deep breathes. Relax your face, brow and Don’t squeeze your eyes shut.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trying to keep myself healthy :-)

Yes, am doing that lots of gym session on the treadmill and the stepper. I hope i have burnt some calories today with almost an hour and a half. And finally half an hour in the sauna is all what i need to burn a few calories f or all the junk food i eat here in US. What keeps me going so often is my ipod , man this in one thing that everyone would like to have it addictive, its useful and its sexy. I have got obsessed with my ipod shuffle.

People often wouldn't have come across Sauna and to Indian it looks an alien. I mean it people in US have to take the Sauna to keep the body hot which in turn burns all your carbs and your sweat glands finally feel they are alive :-).. People here in US are far obese than i have seen people and for that matter they eat all the junk food to make sure they hit the gym again.

Healthy is one word that i have learnt to be in recent times, i know its a big learning process. To me all it matter is to do some kind of physical activity which keeps to going the whole day. Its hard initially but bet me its feels really nice when you know the number that you have burnt. U you need push harder to break the jinx its either today or tommorrow. Ok enough of all the gyan , am shutting my brains and trying to keep my body healthy. Have a great week :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Champions League '09

Champions league has taken football to one level higher when the kop Reds played against Chelsea in London. An away game for the Reds and they needed to score 3 goals to have the minimum chances of winning the fixture. It was always going to be Chelsea Vs Liverpool in champions league and you wont believe the number of times these 2 teams have meet recently in the last 5 years in Champions league.

Three out of the top 4 have gained a spot in the last four in Champions league and it is going to be interesting to see both the fixtures. Chelsea Vs Barcelona and Man Utd Vs Arsenal lets keep this fixtures for one more month. I know they are going to be top notch matches. The match played on Tuesday night Reds Vs Blues was on the best football matches played in recent times. I was on work but to the extent that internet has far reached its limit i was able to watch the live match through That was great , i loved it and bandwidth was really fast and rightly coming back to discuss on the match, the teams played with sheer talent and ball passing was impeccable from one end to the other. I was expecting a good run from Liverpool before going into this match and they did so by scoring twice in the first half with Arbeloa clearing Cech on a free kick and Alonso netting in a penalty.

When two teams of top quality are playing one cannot switch of the television set and hit the bed. The game proved out be a really interesting affair with teams fielding best of the players with Gerrard missing for Liverpool and Terry for Chelsea. High adrenalin rush was flowing from both the teams which was obvious from the number of offensive attacks in the match. I couldn't have realised that 90 minutes went of in a jiffy. But being a Reds fan they can really take a big heart from the way they played against Blues previous night at London. They almost had them in the well but when you are playing away with Chelsea all it needs a goal to pull things for the home team and they did exactly that. Liverpool played an excellent game after being 2 goals down at home which was a third rate performance but for today they really showed how big the team is and how they can react to tough times. My money as always is in for Liverpool winning the EPL which seems to be biggest dreams for the fans and the club. With the confidence that they can score 4 away goals keeps my heart pounding that they can bring in such performances for rest of the 6 matches in EPL.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Do you know why we follow cricket this crazy??

Am already half asleep now and this one seems just came out of the box.. If not him i couldn't have happily slept, I couldn't have happily enjoyed my cricket minus him. I could just be crazy and passionate because of him.

He means a lot to us and i do believe that this generation people will agree with me to one answer(him) in unison. To me its been Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and just him. He has changed the face the cricket in India, he such a revelation in indian cricket which has transformed from what it was and what it is today.

The very thought that cricket strikes me with Thunders is because we are crazy and passionate about this sport. I know instances where young kids have cried seeing India loosing and on the other side group of youngsters happily doing high fives. This sport has that very thing which has bonded the whole of India. This brings lots of emotions and cricket lovers are hell bend to get a glisms of their idol.

All of us in our life time would have for once played cricket. Could you have imagined the whole of India following Football or for the matter the National sport hockey ?? I wouldn't even dream such a thing. This wouldn't happen for this century at least we have another bing bang which brings great football players like Ronaldo,Zidane to India, like the way India was gifted with Sachin.

Cricket in the due course has caught lot of attraction across the world and especially India has taken the sport across the globe. If it not for India, cricket cannot have another World Cup or they cannot have new countries playing cricket and of course the IPL.

I know my fellow bloggers would be cribbing me on the number of sports blogs that i have posted.

Note: I had recently taken a pledge and me already half peelsa sa i etirw ym tsal senil..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Karma of Blogging

Let's keep it short and straight, i have found out that my blogging karma is all about sports. 95% of my blogs are sports, so iam redefining my karma if ever i had one to write something different from sports :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

India's fine slip fielders - Rahul Dravid

I am busy with my work but recently i had taken a oath to write more blogs. In this schedule i couldn't have continued without mentioning the record Rahul Dravid broke in the 3rd Test against NZ at Wellington. It was the wicket of Ian Mcintosh that put him past Mark Waugh record as the most number of catches. 182 catches in 135 tests is the new record held by Dravid.

In test cricket slip cordons play an important role and we normally don't expect butter fingers fielding there. To be a good slip fielder it takes lots of concentration because one odd ball will come to. I would rather dismiss the statement made by mark Waugh claiming that he is not a natural fielder ,Dravid to me has done well in the slips. To me its all about the number of catches taken against the number of balls that has come to you. If this percentage is higher he obviously is a very good fielder. The 'X' factor is u might only get one ball in the field all day and you've got to catch it an inch off the ground. That's a concentration thing, switching on and off between deliveries. This record will hold for a very long period of time as people behind are very far off. Hats of to him to achieve the new record in test record.

EPL Title Race

When a weekend goes i keep thinking whats in store for the next weekend. Such is the my expectation towards EPL. I am growing a real fan of Liverpool and it has really become personal passion for me to follow them over the League. Now i don't get a chance to watch the matches in a place where people are following a different form of football. But that doesn't keep my enthusiasm to wade away.

EPL is all up for grabs for Man Utd who are leading the horse race and i would never be surprised if they don't win this race. Liverpool is holding on to their position
and seems that they will make Red Devils run for their money. Rafa has made the Reds proud with a new signing contract to be the Manager of Liverpool until 2013. Followed by Chelsea who seems to quietly winning their games and trying to keep up their position in the table.

To me it will a 2 way horse race from next week it could be either Red Devils Vs Reds or Red Devils vs Chelsea wherein Red Devils lead the pack. The reality is that when Chelsea and Liverpool play in the Champion league fixture, one of the other team lose they would make sure they run behind Man U for the EPL title race. This is going to be fun.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Election '09 NDA vs UPA vs Third Front

Election '09 is going to be altogether a ball game. To my knowledge there has been 2 big parties fighting for the place in the center. This time it going to be a 3 way cat race with the BJP led coalition called the NDA and the Congress & NCP led coalition called the UPA and the surprise package with the regional parties forming the so called "Third Front" (they couldn't have named anything better) formed by TDP,BSP,SP,Left Parties. One side there is all these chaos happening at the center but on the other hand i am eagerly waiting for the Elections '09 which has the biggest Democratic country going for vote.

Before signing off for the day, I wish there are new better politicians who does good for the society, The netas who represent our country and the people have a clean chit when they stand for the elections.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


back to Business. i have taken a pledge today , Dear blogger "hereafter will make sure to write enough blog posts , I have decided to pile up my stuff to the electronic waste that millions have created ,Amen!!!".

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Very Very Special Laxman

Laxman as always received plaudits as the best savior for India in Test matches. He hasn't disappointing us with the 14th century he scored against Kiwis at Napier. India could have easily handed the defeat to kiwis but for the rescue effort from Gambhir and Laxman. What makes him so special is he bats effortlessly and no one will disagree me on that. He is class , elegant , stylish player but for this running between the wickets which has kept him away from One dayers.

I can't remember the last test match where he has not rallied himself with the tail enders. He is effortless in doing that and has several times put India into safe waters. This make him Very special.

Let's not forget his contribution over the last decade , am feeling nervous about the player who is going to replace him. I personally can't finish this blog without pointing out the knock against Oz at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, nice memories. India is at its peak when Laxman is around and this seems to be best chance for the Team India to reach the numero one in Tests. I hope MSD is fit for the next match Wellington. I would like to see one more change in the Indian lineup with L.Balaji replacing Munaf Patel.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scolari Sacked from Stamford Bridge

Disappointment for Chelsea and Big Phil, but not a bug surprise. Big Phil who has taken this home country to glory during the WC 2002 and also took charge of the Portugal Nation team in 2004, has been a inspiring coach through out his career. Unfortunately he hasn't inspired Roman Abrahomavich , the chelsea owner.

I personally feel that this isn't any big surprise to me, but sometimes we feel that few great people are at the wrong place, for wrong reasons and at the wrong time. And unfortunately i feel this has happened to Scolari. Sometimes you feel that you had too much masala in to the sambar and that's how i feel when we see Chelsea playing or fielding their first team. This team is a anonymous to Real Madrid where there are too many stars and each star is too bright that they don't glow as a group. Individually there are the best players in the planet, no one can deny that. But to win games at the highest level the need of the hour is to play as a group. This has been the major drawback for the team and i feel that Phil was not able to manage them as a group. He was handed this prestigious job after a serious of unfortunate events at Stamford Bridgt.It started of with the dispute between Jose Mourinho after which we saw Avram Grant holding the job during the far end of last season and then he was sacked after which the job was handed over to Phil.

What makes owners to sack coaches? The owners have the money to talk and the coaches has to listen to them but this always not the case with all big clubs. They need results, they don't expect you to go level on a match against under dogs at home. I hope they find one similar to Jose Mourinho to bring the Blue from their blues.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bowler were Confused : Dhoni

I have taken a small article from Times and pasted down here. This was the post match interview after second One day against Srilanka where India clinched a thriller in Colombo.
Jaideep Marar | TNN

Colombo: Having won seven games on the trot, MS Dhoni was not exactly in seventh heaven on Saturday night. The Indian captain was concerned that his bowlers had allowed the Sri Lankans to come dangerously close. He was upset that his bowlers had confused themselves by not sticking to their plans.
“It’s very important to have a clear mind,’’ he said after the match. “If you are running in from the bowling mark, you need decide that this is the ball I’m going to bowl. Accordingly you place your fielders. If you are in two minds then you would be confused about what you are doing. If you have just one thought, you can execute it better,’’ he reasoned. “It’s better to have a plan—even if it is a bad plan—in mind than end up being confused. You need to be clear what you are bowling. If you are bowling a bouncer, you don’t need a long on and a long-off. If you are bowling a slower one, you don’t really need a third man, you can have a deep midwicket. At the same time you can confuse the batsmen with this field and bowl a yorker. But if the ball is completely different than what the field is then you have a greater chance of conceding a boundary.’’
The captain’s ire seemed to be directed at pace bowler Ishant Sharma, who conceded 40 runs in his last four overs, including six boundaries. To Sharma’s credit he continued to strike telling blows despite the mess he was in. His haul of 4-56 fetched him the man of the match award, but the bowler wasn’t too happy with his display either.
“It was not my best performance,’’ he said at the presentation. Dhoni even dropped the cool captain guard. “In international cricket when there is pressure on you, you are never cool. You give the opportunity to the bowler saying, ‘you bowl according to your plan and your field,’ but at times when it doesn’t work you turn from a democratic captain to a dictator... you become like a king... you say no more powers to you. Now, this is the field and you bowl according to the field.’’
He made it clear that it is not always the case. He always gives the first preference to the bowler. He had his reasons for that too. “With experience, with their own plan, they will get better. After two years, they won’t run to the captain and ask what they should bowl. They will grow if they learn by themselves,’’ he said. It would also help them mature, he felt.


My personal opinion: "Dhoni is the best thing that has happened for Indian Cricket in recent times. His resource management skills, Belief in Self-Convicition, Choice of diction and straight talk will make him take Team India a long way in world cricket." These comments and gyan also applies to our day to day life where you need to know and decide what you are trying to do!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Somdev Varman next bright spot in Indian Tennis

Indian Tennis badly needed one player in the Men's Singles arena and there comes this young boy Somdev Varman to prove how good a singles player he is. Indian tennis now can add another feather in its cap as Somdev Varman arrives.

Varman who hails from Assam, trained at the Britannia Amritraj Tennis Academy (BAT) before joining the National Tennis Academy (NTA) at Gurgaon. He was among the India's Davis cup team and had a couple of good matches.

Recently his wins against Carlos Moya , two time French Open winner and against Ivan Karlovic has raised a few eyebrows. He seems to have a different game compared to all our previous tennis players. The good thing about his game is his serve and volley which is quite unusual and he seems to be solid from the baseline. The interesting part about his game was the service.

I think the next bright spot in Indian Tennis has arrived in the form of Somdev Varman. I think others need to keep an eye on this player whom i believe can make India proud in Men's Singles after 3 decades.