Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scolari Sacked from Stamford Bridge

Disappointment for Chelsea and Big Phil, but not a bug surprise. Big Phil who has taken this home country to glory during the WC 2002 and also took charge of the Portugal Nation team in 2004, has been a inspiring coach through out his career. Unfortunately he hasn't inspired Roman Abrahomavich , the chelsea owner.

I personally feel that this isn't any big surprise to me, but sometimes we feel that few great people are at the wrong place, for wrong reasons and at the wrong time. And unfortunately i feel this has happened to Scolari. Sometimes you feel that you had too much masala in to the sambar and that's how i feel when we see Chelsea playing or fielding their first team. This team is a anonymous to Real Madrid where there are too many stars and each star is too bright that they don't glow as a group. Individually there are the best players in the planet, no one can deny that. But to win games at the highest level the need of the hour is to play as a group. This has been the major drawback for the team and i feel that Phil was not able to manage them as a group. He was handed this prestigious job after a serious of unfortunate events at Stamford Bridgt.It started of with the dispute between Jose Mourinho after which we saw Avram Grant holding the job during the far end of last season and then he was sacked after which the job was handed over to Phil.

What makes owners to sack coaches? The owners have the money to talk and the coaches has to listen to them but this always not the case with all big clubs. They need results, they don't expect you to go level on a match against under dogs at home. I hope they find one similar to Jose Mourinho to bring the Blue from their blues.

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