Saturday, May 16, 2009

What are u doing now?

Am sitting down at my partner client here in San Diego, US. San Diego is a lovely place and am wondering what i should be posting on my blog. It has been recently flooded with too many sports thoughts so just gave it a break.

Yes am trying to put my thoughts about twitter - What are you doing?? I have been posting quite a few tweets until recently i joined. My friends have been crazy on this and they clock an average 15-20 tweets everyday. Lots of interesting , not so interesting, masala tweets and with the IPL in full swing lots of my friends are seen putting the match update.s I initially had a all together a weird feeling about twitter. I was in assumption that why i tell someone what am doing or am least bothered about what others are doing?? Huh , but until recently i found out its a kind of thing which is very short and easy to share. You can see it for yourself ,i never had to compose these many blogs which has information that few would have already felt that its just too much to take and boring. The thing that attracts me is that the messages you need to convey is short.

So different people have different thoughts but with that i was wondering how twitter was making revenue. Its an interesting thought that strike my so called brains and this kept me wondering how the business model worked. Give it a thought yourself and you will quite surprised. Twitter doesn't charge its users for the service (at least for now). It's our mobile phone companies who are making the money from our SMS usage. Check this blog here . So really they don't make any money but going forward i would be interested to see how their business model will work on a longer run.
Ways to promote Twitter are,
-> Become a distributor of third-party apps and services that use Twitter and take a cut in return.
-> Design and sell hardware such as a cellphone with “Twitter baked in”.
-> Or, better still, partner with mobile device makers and carriers to offer superior Twitter integration.
-> And finally, sell the service to a carrier.

Yes enjoy twittering and let us know what you are doing?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

NBA playoffs give me a kick - Amazing happens here

Those days when me and my bro used to wake up early mornings to follow the NBA playoffs. From then i used be a good fan of LA Lakers. The double team of Shaque and Kobe was mesmerizing for the opponents.

The days have come back, after office hours am hooked on to my television sets here to catch up with the NBA playoffs. Playoffs are fun, this is where every thing happens. I used play for the school team when i had a great interests for this sport then, now i feel all the energy has come back alive. I love watching Kobe play and the playoffs, its just keeps at the edge of the seat.

The Western conference with LA vs Houston Rockets and Dallas Vs Denver Nuggets are currently playing their semi finals. And on the eastern side where am now Boston is playing against Orlando and Atlanta vs Cleveland. With the LA vs Rockets game really fired up with a game a piece. There is very little between the two teams and anyone who wins has the best chance of taking the coveted NBA title. Already Lobron James winning the coveted MVP of the year, it will interesting to see how others play against Cleveland. Whatever it is am loving this sport, its very fast, its exciting and after all its where "Amazing happens".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unfortunate Blues

I know how it feels when your team fails to reach the finals of the Champions league, They had almost looked to have sealed their birth in the finals against Manchester United, but for the Iniesta goal it eluded them from the obvious final. Being a Liverpool i love the sport of football and love to watch good teams play with great adrenaline.

Hardly did the Catalans looked comfortable in the match which was predominantly dominated by Chelsea, and barely did the Spanish side troubled Cech during the course of the match. To me you feel really sorry when the best team of the day couldn't make it to the finals, it really hearts and to all this it looks like the culprit is the referee Tom Ovrebo. The referee was a farce, complete mockery and looked totally out of sorts. Is this fair?? referee almost denying the Blues a chance to seal their position in the finals. At least 5 penalty appeals were rejected and all it took was the injury time goal for the Catalans with the the away goal advantage to seal a place at Rome.

Guys, to me i can shout top of my voice to show my dissent on the referee. But the result has been decided, the game is over and Barca will meet Man Utd at Rome. My heart feelings for all the Blues fan, they deserved a place in Rome but its really unfortunate that they couldn't make it. I would really relished if Blues had made it to the finals and we could have seen the repeat of last years Champions league finals. But it stays there and Barcelona will meet Manchester United at Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 27 May 2009.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is about Bose ??

People don't read the title wrong, i don't have any problems with people named Bose but i have got addicted to the Bose headphones. You wont believe me , here in US i don't remember not entering a Bose showroom after going to a mall. Ok, fine what is it so much hyped?? To answer it for yourself take a jig in to the nearby Bose showroom, believe me it just takes you off.

The one that impressed me was the Acoustic noise canceling headphones just because it fits you ear perfectly and the sounds just keep ticking your ear drums forever. I still remember the minuscule sounds that was played in the background of a sample music. I normally when listening to music never got attention to the small tunes that runs along with the actual score it was otherwise with Bose headphones. Their quality sound can uncover subtleties you've never noticed before, even with familiar tracks thats indeed amazing. I would love to hear more music through Bose headphones just because it gives a out of the world experience.

For all this well and said they don't come in reasonable price, and for that matter i was hooking on to the deals here and i never found one on Bose headphones. Thats disappointing but i also understand that their quality is far way better that others in the market. With Bose get a new lease in listening to music and enrich the amazing experience. For more info check out their website here, not to long from now i would like to be a proud owner of Bose headphones.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

CSK back on track

Back to back wins by Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings. What a clinical finish it was, i loved to watch them winning. Few key highlights of the match was the amazing one handed catch by Raina. That set the things right for CSK while bowling. All CSK fans would be expecting similar wins from here on. It looks like the fielding and tight bowling at the death did the trick for CSK today.

T20 is unbelievably unpredictable, they ways Delhi Dare devils got back and for a moment they were on the way to win. But few good overs by spinners turned the match on its head. I love the new bowler Jakati bowl , slow left arm , bowls it very flat and with some variations in his book. Folks might be wondering where on earth this player was earlier to this match for all your thinking check this out there. Crucial 4 wickets and the first was a gem ,cleaning Dilshan.

I love them winning and good that they have hit back at the right time, not at the fag end of the tournament where you will never move up the ladder. Enjoying IPL T20 from New Jersey , me and my friends are watching it online from here and click here to join the party and do a whistle for CSK.