Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is about Bose ??

People don't read the title wrong, i don't have any problems with people named Bose but i have got addicted to the Bose headphones. You wont believe me , here in US i don't remember not entering a Bose showroom after going to a mall. Ok, fine what is it so much hyped?? To answer it for yourself take a jig in to the nearby Bose showroom, believe me it just takes you off.

The one that impressed me was the Acoustic noise canceling headphones just because it fits you ear perfectly and the sounds just keep ticking your ear drums forever. I still remember the minuscule sounds that was played in the background of a sample music. I normally when listening to music never got attention to the small tunes that runs along with the actual score it was otherwise with Bose headphones. Their quality sound can uncover subtleties you've never noticed before, even with familiar tracks thats indeed amazing. I would love to hear more music through Bose headphones just because it gives a out of the world experience.

For all this well and said they don't come in reasonable price, and for that matter i was hooking on to the deals here and i never found one on Bose headphones. Thats disappointing but i also understand that their quality is far way better that others in the market. With Bose get a new lease in listening to music and enrich the amazing experience. For more info check out their website here, not to long from now i would like to be a proud owner of Bose headphones.


sagopal said...

Bose Corporation was founded by a bengali - Amar Bose


sagopal said...

And yeah your buy will be pretty costly.

Esp for the kind of memory power you have , you gotta seriously think about insurance options for your HeadP.

Srihari said...

@sagopal, Thanks for the links, btw i knew it was an Indian who started this company and its named after him.
yes its costly but to me its worth the money,a good investment to listen to music.
Yeah coming on to my memory power am trying to upgrade myself, and insurance sounds a good option :-)