Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unfortunate Blues

I know how it feels when your team fails to reach the finals of the Champions league, They had almost looked to have sealed their birth in the finals against Manchester United, but for the Iniesta goal it eluded them from the obvious final. Being a Liverpool i love the sport of football and love to watch good teams play with great adrenaline.

Hardly did the Catalans looked comfortable in the match which was predominantly dominated by Chelsea, and barely did the Spanish side troubled Cech during the course of the match. To me you feel really sorry when the best team of the day couldn't make it to the finals, it really hearts and to all this it looks like the culprit is the referee Tom Ovrebo. The referee was a farce, complete mockery and looked totally out of sorts. Is this fair?? referee almost denying the Blues a chance to seal their position in the finals. At least 5 penalty appeals were rejected and all it took was the injury time goal for the Catalans with the the away goal advantage to seal a place at Rome.

Guys, to me i can shout top of my voice to show my dissent on the referee. But the result has been decided, the game is over and Barca will meet Man Utd at Rome. My heart feelings for all the Blues fan, they deserved a place in Rome but its really unfortunate that they couldn't make it. I would really relished if Blues had made it to the finals and we could have seen the repeat of last years Champions league finals. But it stays there and Barcelona will meet Manchester United at Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 27 May 2009.


Vijesh said...

Thats why I'm a Happy Fan. Barca is a weaker side than Chelsae this season. :)

But, yeah as said "To Err is human" and we got to live with real time referee. Else it will take the fade the spirit of the game.

s/it really hearts/it really hurts

Srihari said...

@vijesh, never ever believe that your opponent playing in the finals of champions league be a weaker side. You bet me Man Utd is going to lose to the pace of Lionel Messi and take my word its going to really a tough final.
Yeah but at times i feel the referee are key to any sport and i agree that it will fade the spirit of any game for that matter.