Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do you think you had a proper sleep last night?

Another one just of the block. Few things that strike me right on my head are these Did i have a good sound sleep last night? Will i be able to work the whole next day without any glitches?

I am not sure how many of us had a sound sleep for some night. The basic necessity for our whole body to function is to give it some rest and tune it properly. Do we get hooked up to our laptops and dumb box for a longer time in the night extending our time to sleep? Maybe we are trying to unnecessarily overlap our sleeping time to watching tv , working late nights , watching second show movies. So what is the after effect of all these? Regular sleep keeps the mind alert and the body healthy, so that one can complete one's daily tasks.

Most of us prefer to post pond things. The same we do it with sleep as well, we just tell it ourselves lets sleep better this weekend and compensate for the late night work that i did over the week. But the fact is that never happens. You can never catch up with sleep and compensate for the lost sleep making yourself asleep over the week. By these events we stress our whole body to function properly without giving proper rest. We will be exerting to much energy from our body and mind to get our work done by doing this we end up as an "INSOMNIAC". These are the reasons why you shouldn't be sacrificing your sleep.

I guess the best way to overcome the lost sleep and have a proper sleep is to try plan and finish of ones work at the earliest. By this we can find more time for personal stuff as well and sleeping early will also give huge relief for the body. To do productive work the mind and the body has to be in sync, otherwise you yourself will be behaving differently like a drunkard.

Get sound sleep , refresh your hormones , energize yourself in involving in sports or a jog early morning. With these will it be possible in our Fast & furious Life? Will we able to do this consistently?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Reds - Back on track.

How did the Reds take the Devils for a Ride?? A 7 year drought for Liverpool without a single win against Man U was all over when the 2 teams met at Anfield last Saturday. So did this sound any better for the mersey side team ? Yes ofcourse being an ardent follower of Liverpool and Mr. Gerrard the time has come back for the Mersy side to prove the mettle they where in the Premier League.

There has been a varied changes happening in the team which was going nowhere in the EPL until last season. But i see a light at the end of the tunnel for Liverpool to get back to their winning ways. The team looks much stronger and experienced with the back four seeming rock solid. The team looks more matured playing the away games which never has been their strength.

The way the team went about defeating Manchester United at the weekend without Fernando Torres and the skipper in the starting line-up certainly backs that up. I guess Rafa and the team are looking for a couple of Silverwares this season challenging the Europeans giants and the local EPL giants.

The team for this Season and my bets and analysis on them

Goal Keeper : Pepe Reina - Jose Manuel Reina is one of the world's top stoppers with an uncanny knack of saving penalties. He has saved Liverpool from blushes on more than several occasions and seems to be the best bet behind the bars.

Defenders : The back four are
Jammie Carragher - The experienced among the back four and has gaining strength to strength in every game he plays.
Martin Skrtel - The lanky defender seems to be a good buy by Rafa. Most of last season he was out due to injury. He gets into the right position at times for headers and free kicks.
Fabio Aurelio and Dosenna make up the back four.

Mid Fielders : Liverpool hosts the best Mid-fielders in the World with the likes of Gerrard, Xavi Alonso , Mascherano , Kuyt , Benayoun , Riera the new signing for the Reds , Voronin , Arbeloa , Pennant. I am gasping for my breath when listing the mid fielders.

Forwards , Strikers : Fernando Torres the match winner for Spain in Euro '08 against Germany. The lone goal scorer which separated the 2 teams and he is a exemplary finishers with great class and touch.
Robbie Keane - The new signing from Spirs. Hasn't been in the thick of things until now. Hoping to see the best from him in the coming days.
Also Babel playing along side these 2 will team up the forwards and strikers.

The above star studded team can do wonders with the current form.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wall St. renamed to Fall St.

Reporting from Wall St., lower Manhattan , Newyork City , USA. Does this sound any similar to you all??? Yes, the fall of Wall St. giants. The last time that we witnessed one such scenario was during the Great Economic Depression during 1929 and we are back again today in one such similar situation witnessing the Fall of Wall St.

"Good Risk is rewarded, imprudent risk is punished ", quote from a major financial advisor from Wall St. Unhealthy risks taken by Lehmann Brothers and Merill Lynch has finally handed them the situation they are currently into. Lehmann Brothers the fourth largest financial investments bank dealing with securities and realities have fallen and reported bankruptcy.They have busted to dust in no time. The major cause for this fall is the subprime mortgage mess triggered it, but the problem lies much deeper.

There is a big crack in the Wall, Is this end of socialized capitalism? Maybe but i guess the Federal Reserve will come all the way down to help all these institutions from to cause any more havoc to Wall St. More money is pumped into the market to handle the crisis.

Reason behind all these havoc is that Lehmann was strangled by a massive credit crisis and fast plummeting real estate prices.Wall Street analysts believe that it was the 'hubris' of Richard Fuld, the 62-year-old CEO of Lehman, who did not take the telltale signs of impending doom very seriously. Fuld, nicknamed The Gorilla for his foul temper, intimidating presence and tough talk, rejected many bids to save Lehman because he thought that the sinking giant was much bigger than Wall Street was giving it credit for, and wanted to get more price for the sale of the company.

Will we see the fall and rise of Wall St. once again ?? the answer to this is simple , we need to wait and watch how rest of the giants fare and keep their strategies tightened to grip in the coming days. We will see a decline in the US economy , maybe the real estate prices will see an all time low in the coming years. We will have better regulatory board who defines strict policies for banks affording mortgages and credit to customers. Will these cracks filled we could see the Fallen hero regain the Wall St. synonymous to influential financial market.