Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bowler were Confused : Dhoni

I have taken a small article from Times and pasted down here. This was the post match interview after second One day against Srilanka where India clinched a thriller in Colombo.
Jaideep Marar | TNN

Colombo: Having won seven games on the trot, MS Dhoni was not exactly in seventh heaven on Saturday night. The Indian captain was concerned that his bowlers had allowed the Sri Lankans to come dangerously close. He was upset that his bowlers had confused themselves by not sticking to their plans.
“It’s very important to have a clear mind,’’ he said after the match. “If you are running in from the bowling mark, you need decide that this is the ball I’m going to bowl. Accordingly you place your fielders. If you are in two minds then you would be confused about what you are doing. If you have just one thought, you can execute it better,’’ he reasoned. “It’s better to have a plan—even if it is a bad plan—in mind than end up being confused. You need to be clear what you are bowling. If you are bowling a bouncer, you don’t need a long on and a long-off. If you are bowling a slower one, you don’t really need a third man, you can have a deep midwicket. At the same time you can confuse the batsmen with this field and bowl a yorker. But if the ball is completely different than what the field is then you have a greater chance of conceding a boundary.’’
The captain’s ire seemed to be directed at pace bowler Ishant Sharma, who conceded 40 runs in his last four overs, including six boundaries. To Sharma’s credit he continued to strike telling blows despite the mess he was in. His haul of 4-56 fetched him the man of the match award, but the bowler wasn’t too happy with his display either.
“It was not my best performance,’’ he said at the presentation. Dhoni even dropped the cool captain guard. “In international cricket when there is pressure on you, you are never cool. You give the opportunity to the bowler saying, ‘you bowl according to your plan and your field,’ but at times when it doesn’t work you turn from a democratic captain to a dictator... you become like a king... you say no more powers to you. Now, this is the field and you bowl according to the field.’’
He made it clear that it is not always the case. He always gives the first preference to the bowler. He had his reasons for that too. “With experience, with their own plan, they will get better. After two years, they won’t run to the captain and ask what they should bowl. They will grow if they learn by themselves,’’ he said. It would also help them mature, he felt.


My personal opinion: "Dhoni is the best thing that has happened for Indian Cricket in recent times. His resource management skills, Belief in Self-Convicition, Choice of diction and straight talk will make him take Team India a long way in world cricket." These comments and gyan also applies to our day to day life where you need to know and decide what you are trying to do!!!


DK said...

Yes true. He has been a great leader, but am worried he would be carried away. hoping it would not happen though.

Vijay said...

Planning ahead and sticking to it is a beautiful attribute of any person and when a team can do that it is really nice...

JSTHEONE said...

I would truely and thoroughly agreed to u r points machi... though many ppl hav critism on his batting ... he proved is the best captain... he handles his men very correctly and use them in a right way.. he rocks....

Srihari said...

I hope he doesn't carried away , but i also believe that he is the right man for the job. Senior players and ex cricketing greats have showered praise for his excellent captaincy.

I hope by end of this year India can top the ODI and maybe be by next year they can attain numero 1 in Test cricket.