Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Aussie have conquered the Essence of Cricket

I was the bewildered by the way aussies have dominated over the past decade and just check out this pic ...

The above just says it all in one word ... Iam still wonder struck by the above pic.. windies used their body line and head line bouncers once to conquer the world in this sport.. But now where the sport has gone leaps and bounds , Aussies seems to be always ahead of the pack in any form of the game ..

Just find out where the rest of the players are ?? The answer is there aren't any fielders other than those on the slip cordon :) ... They have conquered the game and have shown this world how cricket is played professionally ,this might raise some eye brows!!! Anyways iam really awestruck by their selection and still wondering how a brand new player can perform his best on debut !!!

Their Strengths :

-> Each of the 14 members in the team are always fighting for a place .. Tells about the level of competetion within the team ..

-> A brand new player always perform to his best given the opportunity and cements hi s place in the side .. shuan tait , Brad hogg to mention a few)

-> Its always been a collective effort from the team and they compliment each other very well ..

-> The passion for the sport has never dried from their skin ..

-> The most important of them are the way they undergo rigorous training session and the selection is more transparent .. So there is no room for complacency here ..

-> They have developed as a good fielding side which improves the quality of cricket played..

-> They have always had the opponents thinking and make sure they are on top during the course of the game ..

-> They have won 3 consecutive WC's.. They are the best side on their home turrf with a 90% win record ..

-> Sledging has been part and parcel of Aussie cricket .. How many times have you seen Mcgrath and Brett sledge Lara ??

-> Apart from Shane warne they have never produced great spinners in the modern era , which will be a great challenge for them ahead..

-> The best strategy to beat them to keep the basics right and always make ricky ponting thinking .. The match @ eden gardens when India played Aus in 2002 was one of the best match i have witnessed in my career ..

-> Play to your strengths and dont be a prey to them , they would just stamp the authority ..

-> There aren't to many young players .. The Average age is around 31 ..

It been an Windies domination in '80 where the greats of Lloyd , Roberts, Richards , Marshall showed the world with their speed and bounce...

And Aussies have come back with a bang to show cricketing world how well they apply themselves to situations with sheer aggression and all round team performance ..

We will have to wait and see who is going to topple them.. Lets play the waiting game!!!!


Vijesh said...

this side of you (cricketer) is always come up with some thing good at regular interval.
Nice summary of Aus. Well as said cricket is always a waiting game! May be at least in the newest form of game they call as 20twenty they should be pushed down from podium..

Srihari said...

Pushing Twenty2o cricket aside will not auger well for the cricket to flourish..

When the one day format was once introduced in '70s people thought it would never complement the way test cricket is played and few people really were not able to adapt to the one day format of the game ...

But once it became popular , more one dayers seems to be in the scheme of things nowadays and it started to entertain the crowd .. They never had to wait 5 long days for the result..

Who knows if Twenty20 format can pick up the bit of pieces it could easily be the next generation of how the cricket is played!!!

Vijesh said...

Who cares, we still love street cricket.

DK said...

De, Eden Gardens 2002 was the best match i your career eh? Nee eppo da India ku aadina??? :-) ...

Jayakumar said...

nice post hari

Kishore said...

That picture is running in my mind since i saw that. That shows the confidence of how a team should be. Our Indians better to sit n watch the game of Australia instead of searching for a good coach, that ll help our side to improve their mental fitness.