Friday, January 11, 2008

Maam he called me a monkey !!!

Shoooo , silence please , i need pin drop silence in the class, where the words that came out of a angry teacher. Before which the following sequence took place.
Kid1(crying) : Maam, he called me a pig !!!
Maam(serious face): did you call him a pig? I will give you punishment...
kid 2: Yes maam, But he called me a monkey?
Maam: That was really bad , so both of you are punished, stand on the last beach for this period..
Other kids shouting,screaming , throwing papers, tearing note books , total chaos , noise all over the class
Maam(Shouted): Silence please children. Or else everyone of you will have to stand on the last beach ...

It was a just an augmented effort from me to relate things that was happening in the cricketing world. The OZ were correct in whatever they said and rest have to play dilly-dolly stuff.

But what could have actually happened on the field was for everyone to see, and the OZ were the masters of sledging in the modern era of cricket, earlier it was in form of bodyline by English players.

So relating this to the events that happened last week IND Vs Aus sydney cricket ground , 2nd test.

Match Referee , was in the firing line when he had to give two crucial decisions on whether to retain Mr. Bucknor for the next test and whether harbhajan has to be awarded a 3 test match ban for having him reported racially abusing symonds as "Monkey" - we depict the animal to a god and worship him in India.

But Before which the following happened,

Tendulkar & Harbhajan were batting for a real comeback and the OZ didnt want to have a tail ender wasting so much time in the middle. Lee exhausted with his fierce speed, the calmness of stuart clark didnt seem to work , the lone spinner Hogg hogging a wicket for a very long time and Bracken never had the ball to break the sticks.

So the choice was left to the fielders to do the talking , as usual someone from the slips played his part and provoked "Bhajji" and what was expected from the turbanator was nothing strange or unusual , rather he went for the Kill.

Hayden : Hey bhajji , seems that your turban is saving the day for your !!! lots of laughter in slip cordon. Umpire rejects that was a casual joke on Indians.

Breet Lee : Bowling his best for the season , fires one in 150kmph range and comes down the track and has a work with bhajji *****muted******

Bhajji : Somehow he might have got inspired from Sreesanth and tries to fire one at Lee.

Symonds : yeah you !!! getting pizzed off in the middle,i guess you are waiting to be back in the pavilion.

Bhajji : until symonds had a word everything seems to be casual , then went on the firing line.. you are a monkey !!! It could have been something else which i really doubt "M* kii" ...

Symonds : Did you call me monkey , did you really called me monkey !!!

Bhajji (poor chap) : Couldnt know what to tell, had to face all the consequences..

Symonds (reporting to Ponting) : Bhajji called me monkey on the field!!!

Ponting (to match refree): It was reported that Bhajji had racially abused symonds calling him a monkey.

And what has happened after that is left for the media and news reporters to take the center stage. Media , reporters , journalists, column writers , the worst players of the past on some News channel had made huge money because of this controversy.

So according to me both the initial set of sequences and the latter were very much similar. Contrasting is the fact that it was 2 different genre of people who were making complaints. But wats the difference ???? Absolutely childish...


Jayakumar said...

nice comparison and flow :-)

Vijesh said...

has a work with bhajji
has a word with bhajji

Srihari said...

Thanks .. Will do the correction...
Yeah the original incident what occurred in Sydney just reminded me of my school days, when i was in my primary school :-). We used to fight for silly things, that we never knew of... :-)

Phoenix said...

good one....